• Day16


    January 20 in Curacao ⋅ ⛅ 28 °C

    Docked in late and as the cruise tours didn't appeal we picked up a local tour. Bit of a mess as people were questioning the price and the itinerary which kept on changing.

    The tour operators were all yelling at the same time so it was manic.

    So not sure what we are seeing or if we are staying at a beach. We don't have any beach stuff so that won't be great if we are stuck at the beach.

    The cruise tours are looking pretty good now!

    Ok so the tour was really boring and we didn't see much. The island is fairly flat and boring.

    Stopped at some caves that we weren't interested in. Seen one cave seen most of them. News to me that we were doing this. So 40 minutes sitting in a crappy cafe while we wait for the others to do the tour. Had some chocolate milk which made me feel sick.

    Then we saw some flamingos from a distance.

    Bed is looking like a good option as this ghastly tour drags on.

    Next is the liqueur factory. Good grief!

    Then the beach. Thankfully it was a drop off. Couldn't get a photo but it looked crowded going by how packed the car park was. Plus you had to pay. Even the tour guide was saying give it a miss!

    Then we head back to port. More than three hours of my life I won't get back.

    Should have gone to the north of the island to Boca Tabla National Park and Knip Beach which is meant to be the prettiest.

    Hopefully Willemstad will improve this island for me so get off downtown.

    Big mistake. As its sunday only tacky souvenior shops and high end jewellery shops are open. Beginning to wish I had stayed in bed.

    This cruise is turning to shite very rapidly.

    The Curacao tour is probably one of the worst in my entire travelling life!

    Get back on board. One of the lifts broken.

    Go to the buffet and one of the drink stations is broken.

    Eat ice cream.
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