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  • Day6

    Road to Rome

    May 31, 2018 in Switzerland ⋅ 🌧 15 °C

    Today was a coach ride day. Saw some beautiful scenery. Crops in France look a month? Ahead of ours. We could see the blue flax in some places and grain we thought that was quite high but green. Saw a canal and thought of Dave, Nan. He’s likely been here for a canal conference right?
    At six o’clock we went for a boat ride on lake Lucerne. Then we were on our own for supper. 2 Aussie couples and John and I ate together. It was gorgeous walking around. We decided to go up to a roof top bar at our hotel. One couple is quite large and the elevators are small but we decided to all squeeze into one!!it stopped at the 4th floor and wouldn’t move and the doors wouldn’t open. It was likely only 5 to 7 minutes but it seemed longer. Pushed emergency button. We finally pried doors open and someone was there to help us out as it as quite a jump to get out. Very exciting and stupid. John and I had the same experience in Victoria about 40years ago. Older but no wiser.! We giggled and laughed about the experience.Read more