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  • Day17


    January 31, 2020 in Colombia ⋅ 🌙 27 °C


    We went to a chocolate making workshop and I made chocolate just the way the Mayans used to 3000 years ago! We learned all about how Chocolate is produced!

    First the beans are harvested by hand to get the white seeds inside, then it is fermented over 6 days using anaerobic and aerobic respiration to concentrate the flavoured of the beans. After the beans are dried they are roasted. The Mayans used the roasting of the beans as a communal affair, so we did the same! We took it in turns to stir the beans while we each told a story. The man helping us make the chocolate’s story was about when he was younger he and his friends used to play in the grass that was 2 metres high and have a mini war by throwing rocks at each other. We then we peeled the beans while they were still warm and crushed the inside of the bean untill it became a paste. With the paste we make tea and hot chocolate!!

    Next we made the chocolate. We got melted 70% dark chocolate and put a little in some moulds. We them put all sorts of toppings in and I even put CHILLI in a few! And we filled the rest with chocolate and I put sprinkles on top of them. It was so messy but they turned out great!!
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    Keith Chadwick

    Heck Lara you’ve bean everywhere. Get it?hehe

    Sylvia Carney

    Very interesting....I love dark chocolate.

    Michael Carney

    Mmmmm ch-o-c-o-late mmmm 😋

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