• Day6


    July 5, 2019 in Russia ⋅ ⛅ 17 °C

    Last morning in Saint Petersburg. We all really loved that city. We went out for a walk, had another coffee in the French Café, I got myself a Gadget in the ‘Pont Rouge’ mall, a very fancy thing. I wanted to have a look at the floor with only Russian Designers, but that floor with three others (out of seven) were empty. I had then a designer thing from Italy which will stand on my nightstand and always remind me to those wonderful days. We had a cab for the trainstation at 1:30pm, arrived at 2pm at the trainstation and we were in the train to Moscow at 2:30pm. Wonderful train, even more as the weather was really wet and sitting in the train for the next four hours was just wonderful plan. At some point we had coffee and some lunch and quickly we arrived in Moscow. The ipad of the lovely man picking us up showed our names this time from the beginning and he brought us to the hostel. From there I found a Restaurant that appealed to me with the name, I read some reviews and off we were. Wow, I guess i have to stop mentioning the food and how good it is but - poah, so so good! Only next time we will skip the one dessert with estragon in it. A taste not used to in sweets - otherwise? Perfect! Tomorrow we will explore that big city with another guide and i have to hurry up, meeting with my parents is at 8:30 already, looking forward to it!Read more

    Si hei schiinbar de besser ÖV aus üse gross Nachbar 🙈 wünsche euch witerhin viu Spass!

    Stephanie Jakob

    So, bi ändlich o registriert i däm findpenguins 🙈. Äs tönt super bi öich u d‘Föteli gseh o superschön us! Gniesset Moskau (Moskau lölölölö...cha nüt derfür, äs chunnt eifach 😂😂) u ä liebe Gruess a d‘parents 😘