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  • Day22


    June 16, 2018 in Cuba ⋅ ⛅ 29 °C

    Eight of us from the previous tour are also on the Cuba Sailing tour, so we get transfer taxi's from our Casa to the meeting hotel in new Havana. There we meet our transfer guide and the three new members of our tour. They are Warren and Sue from Sydney, Australia, and Ben, originally from Fife, now living in Brisbane, Australia.

    We travel for four hours from Havana, to reach Cienfuegos, on the middle south of the island. Here we meet the Neptune, a big catamaran and it's crew, which is our home for the next week. The crew is Pedro the captain, Eduardo the chef and first mate, and Cat the G Adventures CEO, from Toronto, Canada.

    Now normally this is all the crew we would have, but there are also two trainee's, Leardo and Angel. There is also a trainee CEO, Allan from Costa Rica. Further to that we also have Vince, from Cork, Ireland who we originally thought was another tour member, and turns out to be the guy in charge of all sailing tours for G Adventures.

    We board, put our bags in our cabins, and sit down for our evening meal. Halfway through, the crew literally have to batten down the hatches, as we are hit by a rain storm. Thankfully it doesn't last long, as straight after the meal we cast off.
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