• Day13

    Zip It!

    August 18, 2017 in Mexico ⋅ ⛅ 31 °C

    I was hoping that yesterday's zip line would suffice. Unfortunately not. Eva was determined to get more of it.

    I tried to let her sleep but unfortunately she awoke and was rearing to go.

    When we arrived at Xplor we were told it was $150 dollars each for zip line, atv, swimming and food. It was only the zip line that were interested in. Alas it didn't make any difference to the price. The price was the price, which meant that I didn't have enough money and had left my credit cards at the hotel.

    'Never mind Dad we don't have to do it'

    Whilst that was music to my ears I couldn't let her down so we got in a taxi back to the hotel where the taxi driver waited and then drove back to Xplor. This was getting expensive.

    What we hadn't realised was that the zip lines involved a lot of water too. We had our clothes and no swim wear. Oh well we have come this far.

    There 14 zip lines in total ranging from 10m high to 40m high, that is 14 episodes of terror. Just to cap it all it so involved spiral staircases...oh joy.

    The course was split into two parts the lower part and the really high part. Eva decided to do the high part first.

    'You can get the hardest part out of the way first Dad'

    The zip lines run from tower to tower and then one climbs up the tower that one has zipped to and repeat. 90kgs of flesh and bone hurtling down a 500m line from a height of 40m is quite some momentum. Meanwhile as the wind blows you around and from side to side it just adds to the exhilarating experience, as you can see by my face!

    Eva thought is was incredibly funny and at times was doubled up with laughter as I climbed spiral staircases, went across suspended rope bridges and hurtled myself into oblivion.

    'Well done Dad you did it! I am really proud of you'

    It was worth it just to hear that.

    The last two zips involved heading into water so when we left Xplor we were soaked in our clothes. A taxi driver deposited us at a The Hard Rock and I gave him a tip for the fact that his seats were soaked.

    Time to relax and Eva to have her facial and me a salt scrub massage. The Mexican lady had incredibly powerful thumbs and I think she would have been great marinating the joint of pork for Sunday lunch. In fact I was almost ready to be put on 220 degrees Celsius with all the oil and salt rubbed into me.

    I arranged to meet Eva at the bar in Heaven after our treatments. There we got talking to a recently married couple Lee and Chloe who had come here in there honeymoon. He was much older than her and not somebody you wish to get on the wrong side of. So we didn't and I bought a few drinks. Well I like to think I bought them but as it is all inclusive it doesn't really matter.

    We arranged to hook up with them a couple of hours later and go to the night club at Heaven. Much to my amazement they turned up! So off we went to the over 18 night club complete with DJ, decks, swimming pool and all that jazz. Admittedly I was a bit hot but having only been to discos before in the 80's and perhaps a couple of more modern clubby things, I decided to go for a swim and in I went.

    'Dad nooooo'

    Too late. Eva's iPhone was in my pocket so it was 'hasta la vista iPhone' and a very annoyed Eva. Oh well that will cost me when we get to New York.

    Eva decided if you can't beat 'em join 'em.

    A thoroughly good but very late night, was had by all.
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