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  • Day3

    Surfs up, dude!

    October 24 in Australia

    Kieran and I hit the waves for the first time. The Indian Ocean was pretty temperate, remembering we were wearing wetties.

    Our coach, Matt, was fantastic. He was light hearted, fun, knowledge and to borrow some surf lingo, a massive frother.

    He quickly got us both standing on our feet,
    Kieran a little more quickly than me. By the end of the lesson we were both streaming through the white water unassisted. 🏄‍♀️🤙🏄‍♂️

    Bring on day 2.
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  • Day2

    Seas the day!

    October 23 in Australia

    Hoping to finish the day with fish and chips, sunset and the world famous Surfer's Point.

    Sunset was on point. Beach and waves, on point. Fish and chips... Nada. Turns out the company that was selling fish and chips down at the point hadn't renewed their licence.

  • Day2

    Yeah buoy!

    October 23 in Australia

    As Kieran said it's a big jetty. 1.8km long in fact, making it the largest wooden jetty in the southern hemisphere. Built in 1865 to support the local timber industry. The original jetty was 161 metres long. This jetty was continually extended over the next century until the port closed in 1973. With no one to maintain the jetty, it quickly fell into disrepair. A cyclone and a fire or two didn't help either. But some pretty pennies spent and now they have a pier to no where. I like it.

    I wanted to ride a tandem bike on the jetty but the powers that be said no... Walk or train ride are your only options.

    That said it was a pretty back drop for a late lunch and cheeky beer.
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  • Day2

    Breakfast with a Canberra surprise

    October 23 in Australia

    Like avo on toast? I do, I do, I do! Then you should try Duck Duck Bruce. Delicious coffee, my staple breakfast (smashed avo) and Eggs Benedict for Kieran.

    We both got too excited when our food came (and devoured it), so no pictures. But my avocado had done smashed peas with mint for added flavour (delicious) and Kieran's dish had beetroot cured salmon which was amazing.

    We also managed to run into Jess and Sarah a mere 3500km from home. Crazy right?
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  • Day1

    Time for a beer...

    October 22 in Australia

    How could we not? It's the original Little Creatures brewery. Kieran's absolute favourite beer (sometimes I think he loves it more than me)!

    Beer was delicious, pizzas amazing and the view, not shabby. Disappointed we missed the brewery tour, so planing to stop back in when we come back on Saturday.

    The brewery itself is a giant warehouse on the wharf, with some industral sheek styling. Super cool and fun with a giant open air kitchen and bars everywhere. We tried to pocket our embossed wooden table number as a memento but clearly people try this regularly. When it came time to pay, the waitress was on top of it, "where is your token..." Next time maybe.

    It was a long day with a unnecessary 5am start, so by the time 8pm rolled around (11pm ADST) I was in desperate need of some shut eye. So we wandered the 600m back to our hotel and that people, is a wrap for day 1.
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  • Day1

    We made it !

    October 22 in Australia

    WA, we are here!

    Our 4.5 hour flight left us twiddling our thumbs, so we decided to crack our first drink. P.S. I also smashed Kieran at the hidden object game on the inflight entertainment (not that I am bragging).

    When we got to Perth, it was time to pick up our car. We thought about an upgrade, yellow Mustang anyone? Instead we decided it was probably a bit out of our price range and went with the status quo. We were surprised with a free upgrade and went from a Mitsubishi ASX to a brand spanking new Mitsubishi Pajero with less than 150km on the dash. Not bad... And now we can go 4WD if we feel the need.

    We cruised over to our hotel only to find Expedia had short changed the hotel who now wanted us to pay 133% more for a room which we had already paid Expedia for. I kept my cool and thankfully the manager worked it out. We got a complementary drink each in the pub downstairs for our trouble. Side note, Norfolk Hotel, Fremantle is a great place to stay. Cheap, clean and cheerful. Two thumbs up! Kieran likes the beer coasters, I think they are a bit phallic like.
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  • Day1

    Monday Madness

    October 22 in Australia

    What a start? Email at 5am, your flight to Sydney is cancelled. What?! A phone call (and some not so soothing hold music) and we have a new flight. We are now travelling to Perth via Melbourne (and getting there 3 hours later). The late arrival means goodbye to the activities we had planned in Perth today, but at least we are getting there.

    Our amazingly awesome neighbour, Nathan, still gave us a lift. Despite Kieran and I waking him up ridiculously early for no reason. At Canberra Airport the drama continued, with my extra baggage not being transferred across to the new flight. Yes, I was the person at the desk that had 3 people helping me while the line behind me blew out (sorry peeps). Finally sorted, security next, oh wait, Kieran and I aren't seated together. Better line up again. Zee, our helpful attended swaped our seats for the Canberra to Melbourne leg but miss read the Melbourne to Perth tickets. Better line up again, only to be served by a different attended who said, she can't help, talk to someone in Melbourne. Grr.

    Flight to Melbourne went smooth (finally a win), we quickly got our tickets changed and some much needed breakfast. Now to kill time waiting for our flight. Is it too early to drink?

    *Kieran loves being my photography subject.
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  • Day25

    Costa Brava Cycling - Day 4

    October 16, 2017 in Spain

    Our hotel, Molí del Mig was lovely and we were a little sad to be moving on. But our bikes were calling, mine more so than Nicole's and so we said farewell to Torroella de Montgrí.

    Our route started with what I described to Nicole as a slight detour to a coastal lookout. I did not mention the lookout would be on top of a hill and the hill looked steep. The hill was very steep and we zigzagged our way slowly to the top. Nicole was in struggle town which I later discovered was mostly due to the fact that she was using the big cog. Anyway, we made it up the hill to Torre de Montgó. A tower built in 1598 to protect the town below, L'Escala from piracy. The tower was locked but the vantage point provided views of L’Escala, Sant Martí d’Empúries and the Bay of Roses. After seeing the views Nicole forgave me for making her climb a really big hill.

    We then rode along the water front promenade of L'Escala. We loved this section of the ride because we got some beautiful views and a dedicated bike lane which meant no pedestrian dodging. We stopped to take a photo after failing at the selfie game we asked a nearby pedestrian. She spoke no English and I don't think she has ever used a smart phone. She tried to use the camera lens as a view finder and took a lot of confused selfies. She got there in the end and took a surprisingly good photo. Or alternatively Nic and I are just very photogenic.

    To finish today's ride it was mostly highway riding but we were lucky. The highways had wide shoulders and we were able to ride two abreast. We visited a few more little quaint Spanish country towns. Some no more than four or five houses and a church. The towns we rode through were Viladamat, L'Arbre Sec, Torroella de Fluvià, Riumors, and Fortià.

    After riding a tidy 50km we reached our hotel, Hotel de la Moneda in Castelló d'Empúries. This family run hotel was lovely and their service exceptional. They didn't speak English (a running theme in rural Catalonia) but made us feel more welcome than anywhere else we have visited.

    The town, Castelló d'Empúries was once the capital of the Empúries region (local name for Costa Brava region) as the previous capital, Sant Martí d'Empúries, was too easily sacked by pirates. I also saw a sign that sign that said in the early 1800s Napoleon's Army fought here, but I have never been one for military history. My favourite things about this town were the maze like streets and the beautiful church, Santa Maria de Castelló.
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  • Day24

    Costa Brava Cycling - Day 3

    October 15, 2017 in Spain

    Our day started with some sunrise yoga (sunrise is just before 8am here) and then a breakfast overlooking the start line of an open water swim race in the bay below. It looked to have at least 100 competitors.

    Our exploration of Costa Brava and Catalonia region continue. Today we continued our bike journey north to Torroella de Montgrí. Given that we are both suffering with colds we were glad for a nice gentle 26km ride through small country towns and off the busy highways. We were finally able to ride two abreast.

    We rode through lovely luscious green country side and through Torrent, Palau-Sator, the outskirts of Fontanilles and Gualta. We stopped on the road just outside of Gualta to take photos of the castle on the mountain behind Torroella de Montgrí and then had a fun conversation with a local farmer. He spoke no English and us, no Spanish so it was not so straight forward. He wanted to show us his very large zucchini, and to be fair it was a rather large vegetable. He was nice and it was a lovely friendly gesture.

    The views and quite country highways made this ride the best so far. Now time for a massage at our fancy country club style hotel.
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