• Day400

    Salar de Uyuni

    February 2 in Bolivia ⋅ 🌧 10 °C

    Two days in Uyuni.

    First day trip to some lagoons where we could spot llamas, vicuñas and flamingos.

    Second day to the countries most famous attraction the salt flats.

    Super lucky with the weather and also met cool people on the two day trips.Read more

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  • Day389


    January 22 in Bolivia ⋅ ⛅ 19 °C

    10 days Spanish class with a young motivated teacher.

    Half day trip to the Parque Cretácico. 🦕

    Invited for lunch at bar/restaurant at the outer area of the city.

    Full day adventure with a socialistic party, driving through the city and dropping me at the Castillo de la Glorieta.

    Tried different local dishes:
    Pique Macho
    Rellano de Papa
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  • Day382


    January 15 in Bolivia ⋅ ☁️ 21 °C

    Sunday January 17, Samaipata. Flooding water destroyed a camping area as well as other lower parts of the village. A Swiss backpacker was in the middle of the action.

    A camping employee knocked at my door at 7 in the morning and told me that the lawn with all campers was already evacuated but I don’t have to rush the water level is more than one meter lower than my room.

    At 8 she knocked again and at the same time the water came inside my room. I quickly reacted and through my backpacks on my bed. After 40 seconds the water level reached the mattress. I made it just in time out of my room with both backpacks on my shoulder and only wearing underwear. A few steps towards the staircase and up to the safe place.

    It has been my first evacuation caused by nature’s force. Heavy rain and floodwater caper.

    Two days before I went on a guided trip to the Amboró National Park where we were looking out for condors. The day trip ended at a beautiful waterfall spot.

    One day before the rain I visited a Zoologico shelter. Monkeys, birds and wild mountain cats.

    Due to the rain cataclysm, I spend another night in Samaipata until the route to Sucre was fit for traffic.
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  • Day377

    Santa Cruz de la Sierra

    January 10 in Bolivia ⋅ ☀️ 32 °C

    Welcome to Bolivia.
    The show must go on. I’m going to travel in Bolivia for about a month or a bit longer. Who knows.

    So far I spent 5 nights in Santa Cruz. Couldn’t leave the place earlier even though I got bit bored here. No tourism and pretty quite and peaceful on the city center.

    Public transport sector decided to go on strike on day five. I hope I can make it to Samaipata on day six.

    I visited a ecological park called Biocentro Güembé. 🙃👍
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  • Day348


    December 12, 2020 in Brazil ⋅ ⛅ 29 °C

    I met Flávia in my hostel in Fortaleza. She’s a biologist 👩‍🔬 and due to her PHD degree, fluent in English. She invited me to join her and her friends for a day trip to praia de Cumbuco. The group was multi Latino diverse. A Peruvian, Bolivian, Ecuadorian, El Salvadorian and Brazilian student. They all go to the same university and everyone studies a different subject.

    I met Dani, Ivan’s former working colleague. He spent Christmas holidays in Fortaleza were he came along with all the relatives of his wives family. He brought my new iPhone, chocolate and some high quality masks 😷 and a secret Christmas gift. Yay my new phone.
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  • Day345


    December 9, 2020 in Brazil ⋅ ⛅ 30 °C

    I felt so much safer in Santarém compared to Manaus. I even went to the harbor at night to take some photos of the Christmas lights.

    Once more the owner of my hostel was absolutely accommodating. I arrived at midnight in his place and told him that I only ate 11 bananas in the last 34 hours on the way here. He immediately opened iFood and asked me if I want extra bacon on my hamburger. ☺️

    After a restful night, in a real bed - no more hammocks - I went to the breakfast table where Erivan’s little elf had prepared some delicious food. Erivan asked me what I’m going to do here. I explained that I’m on my way to Rio but before heading there I’ll pick up some Christmas gifts in Fortaleza. He told me if I have the time I should really visit Alter do Chão. Well I had nothing else to do so I went to this place. One hour by public bus.

    Alter do Chão is where everyone goes to have some nice beach feeling. The huge river Tapajós turns into a lake (Lago Verde) and during low tide the shallow water heats up pretty fast and becomes almost a hot tub. I enjoyed a ice cold beer at the beach and spent roughly an hour there before the weather changed.
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  • Day343

    ⛴ Anna Karoline II

    December 7, 2020 in Brazil ⋅ ☁️ 25 °C

    Once again. Embarking, disembarking. Hello Santarém.

    33 hour journey
    Ingestion: 12 bananas, 300 gram cheese, 2 liters of water, 330 ml Coca Cola.

    Manaus - Santarém : 756 km
    Total: 4886 km
    Amazon river length: 6448 km
    Bottom line: 75% of its length accomplished.
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  • Day339

    ⛴ M. Monteiro I

    December 3, 2020 in Brazil ⋅ 🌧 25 °C

    After a crazy week in Peruvians biggest Amazonian city I returned to the Tres Fronteras. I only staid one night in Leticia and bought a ticket to Manaus on the next day.

    I’ve chosen the same company. They had their first Monteiro ship in Tabatingas harbor anchored. Instead of a speed boat which would only take 30 hours but would leave on the next day, I decided to take the slow boat, once more. 3 nights 4 days on the river towards Manaus. Downstream. 1578 Kilometers later I arrived in Manaus.

    But hang on, half way done the ship suddenly stopped its engines. Two police boats were approaching our ship while I was trying to get out of my hammock. People started getting nervous. The crew members were walking through the ship and asked as to take up our hammocks.
    The Narcs came with big assault rifles and a cute dog. After one hour the guys returned to their boats and we continued our trip. The end.

    How many Kilometers did I ride on the Amazon river?

    Manaus - Tabatinga and back: 2x 1578 km
    Santa Rosa- Iquitos and back: 2x 487 km
    So far: 4130 km

    Amazon river length: 6448 km

    Should I go down to Belem?
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  • Day332


    November 26, 2020 in Peru ⋅ ☁️ 27 °C

    A speed boat brought me to Iquitos. At 4 o’clock in the morning the boat stoped at a boarder control base. An army member checked my passport and told me to follow him outside into the darkness. I walked through slippery mud uphill to a house. The guy waited until I gave him some money. He even waited longer to squeeze more money out of me. After like 5 minutes I started to get nervous because I knew the speed boat wouldn’t wait for me. I gave him 100 Reais additionally to the 60 Peruvian soles he already received. In the end I spent 30 euros to get into Peru. Clearly I still didn’t have an entry stamp so on the way out I might have to play the same farce again.

    I’ve chosen an amazing hostel. The owner a sun with his mother and the guests, a Canadian retired dice instructor/language teacher and a Belgian guy who left on my second day. He was replaced with a Greek guy Nomade. Vadim from Canada (Russian background) and Prometheus were absolutely enjoyable. Even we were lazy as a sloth we always went for lunch and dinner together.
    On the first day I arrived late in the night.
    On the second day I bought a SIM card.
    On the third day I went to Isla de Los Monos.
    On the third/fourth day Vadim and I went to the jungle for a Ayahuasca ceremony. Overnight.
    On the fifth day I visited Barrio Florido together with Vadim. In the evening we celebrated the hostels first anniversary.
    On the sixth day I went to the city center and took some photos. I also fried to visit Belen. The flooded neighborhood during high tide in. We were in the end of the dry season hence Belen had no water. I was not welcome in Belen, people who live there are supposed to be the poorest in Iquitos. They showed me to go back upstairs and leave their neighborhood. In the Night Vadim and I went to a high class restaurant where I ordered a nice Ceviche and an Anticuchos.
    On the seventh day I puked and tried to recover from food poisoning.
    On the eight day I went back to Leticia.
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  • Day327


    November 21, 2020 in Colombia ⋅ ☁️ 23 °C

    Liverpool Mike told me two years ago when he was here for the first time, he met Elvis and Gloria the owners of Xingu Hostel.
    After we walked an hour from one end of Tabatinga to the other end of Leticia, two neighbor cities, we finally arrived at Xingu. Mike mentioned on the way several times they we can’t be right it’s not that far outside in the woods. However my maps.me app told me where Xingu is so I convinced him to trust my map. We knocked at the fence and Juan opened the gate. He spoke fluent English and told us all about how he split up with Gloria and opened a new Xingu outside Leticia. He told us lots of stories about some foreigners who tried to take a flight to Bogota and others visited Iquitos.

    Mike and I decided to visit Gloria at her old place where Mike staid before. We went to her place, she was not at home. Only a few minutes passed when a scooter with a young woman arrived at the place. It was Gloria, she welcomed us and she immediately started to prepare our beds. She didn’t open her business in the last 6 months, due to the lack of tourism during the pandemic. Gloria recommend me to visit some tribal houses on the forest. That was a nice hike into the jungle which I did the next day.

    However my main goal was Peru. Crossing the boarder for good. I wanted to leave this hot Amazonian climate zone and get rid of my rice belly in Peruvians mountains. I bought a ticket to Iquitos. As Juan already mentioned I couldn’t get a stamp to enter Peru, migration office was closed. I changed my plans. 1 week Iquitos and back.
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