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  • Day25

    Big drive day to Akureyri

    September 5, 2017 in Iceland ⋅ ☁️ 9 °C

    We travel inland through the eastern fjords to the area around Egilsstadir where we have a yummy lunch at a guesthouse. Many farms are now value-adding by setting up accomodation and meals.
    East Iceland's geography is different. Minerals are different and stone is close to granite so stronger.
    Mountains are 18 million years old with no volcanic activity or hot springs
    Lots of land slides and rock falls. Closing or changing roads. Certainly keep the road gangs busy!!
    Water here is clearer as there's no ash. In places it's a bit murky from the recent rain.
    Prince Charles fishing area is around here.
    Traces of gold and iron found in the these hills. An Australian company is exploring this.
    Birch- native vegetation
    Pine- 100,000 xmas trees required. 50 000 come from region Egilsstadir and 50 000 from Denmark. This is the most forested area in Iceland, 99% is planted rather than self sown.
    Egilsstadir is the main major town for regional area.
    Into highlands, main territory of reindeer . In 1776 they came from Norway as sheep disease stopped food supply
    Sheep mustering time- shearing and probably shedding so lots of sheep are seen in roadsidw paddocks. There isn't always fences so often a few sheep are on or near the road.
    The landscape ( and the weather) changes rapidly from hill to hill often. Deserts, waterfalks, forests, steam baths, coast, glaciers.
    We visit an impressive waterful called Godafoss or Waterful of the Gods, as translated by Frederick. Paganism was abolished 1000 AD and apparently the pagan king threw all the idols into this watetful and converted to Catholic as was the religion then.
    We stay tonight at another farm stay at Akureyri
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