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  • Day1074

    North Baddesley

    May 2 in the United Kingdom ⋅ ⛅ 11 °C

    We travelled to Barbury Castle, an iron age hill fort, just south of Swindon where we had arranged to meet with Kirsty and Matt for a picnic. The journey was uneventful, however, Google Maps though it a good idea to fire us up a 2 mile dirt track at the end of the journey. The little car did not like the deep ruts, bottomed out in a couple of places and K's anxiety levels were rising, so we re-routed taking a 7 mile longer detour on more conventional roads.
    It was great to see Kirsty and Matt, and we enjoyed a great picnic at the castle prior to setting off for a walk along the Ridgeway upon which this old fort and others of a similar period are located. the views from the ridge were quite far reaching.
    On Monday we walked from the site across the fields to Crampmoor returning via Baddesley Common
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  • Day1067

    North Baddesley

    April 25 in the United Kingdom ⋅ ⛅ 11 °C

    We returned to North Baddesley, where we are booked in for five weeks while we sort out some medical stuff.
    Big thank you to Syd and Jo for looking after the wee car for us whilst we were away and for the great bbq on Monday which we enjoyed in the garden in the sunshine - we walked through to Otterbourne along Dirty Drive which was much drier under foot than last year. The "pots" beer did not disappoint. Karen nipped out to see the girls at Charmaine's, where she had a good natter, picking me up for the ride home in early evening. K's knee was giving her no problem.
    Tuesday was stocking up day with a trip to the supermarket. In the evening K visited a specialist knee consultant to discuss her problem. A had a pre-treatment covid test at the hospital.
    We visited Graham and Viv on Wednesday and enjoyed a long walk in the New Forest near Dibden, culminating with us having our picnic in their garden. A typical British picnic trying to dodge the weather!!! A most enjoyable day, K's knee giving no trouble at all.
    On Thursday A started the course of radiotherapy at the Royal South Hants Hospital which was very well organised and efficient. This was repeated again on Friday - only 18 more sessions to go. On Friday morning K cycled to Elaine's for another chat with the ladies and A wandered across the fields through Elmers Bog to Crampmoor, returning via Baddesley Common where I heard my first cuckoo calling of the spring.
    We enjoyed our usual lazy Saturday with the paper and crosswords.
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  • Day1064

    Salcombe Regis

    April 22 in the United Kingdom ⋅ ☀️ 10 °C

    We spent three nights at Salcombe Regis at a site set high above Sidmouth, and were looking forward to catching up with Alan's mum. We had also arranged to see Alison and Russell for a drink on the sea front.
    K's knee problem was improving daily and we walked into town on each day, returning in the dark using torchlight and clear star filled skies.
    Some lovely presents arrived for A to celebrate his birthday on 23rd, which was a nice surprise.
    We enjoyed an early evening rendevous with Alison and Russell on the seafront in the sunshine, however, there was a cold wind rushing along the promenade.
    Matt's parents were travelling nearby and had arranged to stay at Salcombe Regis too on Saturday. We arranged to meet up with them in Sidmouth for an afternoon coffee where they were introduced to great granny mac.
    We retuned to the van in early evening to share a coupe of glasses of wine with Madeline and Richard and to be introduced to Bella their new dog who is delightful.
    A thoroughly good weekend.
    At the end of this short trip Karen's knee was giving no trouble at all.
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  • Day1062


    April 20 in the United Kingdom ⋅ ⛅ 12 °C

    Karen felt her knee was improving, so we walked along a disused railway line into Abbotsbury where we had a look in a gallery selling wooden crafts before passing through the village to the old Abbey. The views from the top of the hill by the old abbey building looked down onto the famous swannery.
    The following day we passed across fields to The Fleet where we watched the sea birds on the waters edge for a short while. There were sandlings, egrets, whimbrel, curlew and black tailed godwits as well as the usual array of gulls.
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  • Day1061


    April 19 in the United Kingdom ⋅ ☀️ 11 °C

    Moving a little bit further along the coast we spent three nights on a site which was just along the road from Abbotsbury - our original intention was to complete some of the SWC path between West Bexington and Weymouth.
    We stopped off at Weymouth on the way and found good motorhome parking on the quayside and wandered into town. Karen's knee seemed to be getting better by the day.
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  • Day1058

    Corfe Castle

    April 16 in the United Kingdom ⋅ ☀️ 8 °C

    We travelled along into the Purbecks to a site at Norden near Corfe Castle. We planned to visit the castle so booked ourselves in with the NT for a visit the following day. The castle entrance was a short walk away through some woodland but Karen's knee was giving her so much pain that she bowed out returning gingerly to the site to consult with our doctor. I whizzed around the castle which was quite busy with people enjoying the spring sunshine and returned to the van in good time to be able to cycle off into Wareham to pick up some pain killers. I left K nursing the knee with frozen peas and a heat pack which was giving her great relief.
    The following day I set off for a walk from the site leaving K in the van with the heat pack etc. I passed by the entrance to The Blue Pool which was busy with visitors then wandered across and into the Creech heathland before returning to Corfe via Stonehill Down nature reserve where the smell of the wild garlic was quite strong. The views across the landscape from the top of Knowle Hill were extensive but spoiled a bit by the heat haze.
    Upon my return to the van the pain in K's knee was easing.
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  • Day1056

    West Parley

    April 14 in the United Kingdom ⋅ ⛅ 11 °C

    We decided that the sensible thing to do would be for Karen to spend the day resting her knee in the van, so after breakfast I wandered to the river again, this time walking the pathway towards the source of the river.
    Dropping down to the river at Dudsbury Castle Rings, an iron age fort, the pathway ran along side the river some way so I was hopeful of catching a glimpse of a kingfisher. None to be seen, although I did have a chat with a couple of walkers who had been told there were plenty to be seen by the kingfisher tea rooms the previous week. There was plenty to see though with herons, cormorant, swans and the odd bumble bee.
    I did see a kingfisher which was on a sticker attached to a lamp post marking the Stour River walkway. Some patient sitting in one spot is called for methinks.
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  • Day1054

    West Parley

    April 12 in the United Kingdom ⋅ ⛅ 9 °C

    We have a couple of weeks in which we can travel prior to a return to Hampshire and North Baddesley at the end of the month.
    We are making our way along the south coast heading for Sidmouth, stopping off at a couple of places on the way.
    First stop is this delightful CS site next to the Stour river just north of Bournemouth - Parley Glade, where we were greeted by a very friendly warden who was keen to point out the prevalence of local wildlife - deer, foxes and badgers who pass through the site.
    We were soon set up and in the afternoon we walked some of the Stour River walk hoping to catch site of a kingfisher by the riverbank. We walked towards the mouth of the river passing the Kingfisher Lodge tea rooms and information centre but no kingfishers were to be seen. This stretch of the river was very pleasant and the walk very peaceful due to very few aeroplanes taking off from the nearby Hurn airport.
    Karen's knee started giving her some grief towards the end of the walk.
    On Tuesday we dusted down the bikes and oiled them up after their winter break and cycled off to Bournemouth to spend a couple of hours there. The route was predominantly on roadside cycle paths which were safe and we arrived in the centre of the town in the Valley Gardens. Just opposite the queues to get into Primark and Zara were extensive and we gave them a wide berth. We enjoyed a packed lunch on the sea front looking out at the stationary cruise liners in the bay. Although the cycling was easier for Karen the knee started giving her great pain so it was a relief get back to site where she could give it some rest.
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  • Day1047

    North Baddesley

    April 5 in the United Kingdom ⋅ ⛅ 7 °C

    We enjoyed our last week in North Baddesley catching up with people, before we moved on.
    Monday was a bitterly cold day so we stayed in and pottered about, A doing this blog and K with crafting.
    On Tuesday we walked through to Romsey then followed up with a trip to Basingstoke - a stock up of food at Morrisons and another hospital appointment for Alan.
    On Wednesday afternoon Karen dropped me off at Syd's, where I enjoyed a great chat and a couple of beers, whilst she went off for a natter at Lizz's . We both sat in the garden with hats and gloves on for as long as possible in quite a cold wind.
    On Thursday Karen met with Georgie and friends in Georgie's garden and I spent the day with Meera Sodha preparing some Fresh India dishes for the following day.
    We visited Syd and Jo once again on Friday and enjoyed a great afternoon of idle gossip and chat. We enjoyed some great beer from the Pots (IPA) - just as outstanding as ever - cheers Syd - and the curries had matured nicely over night. An Uber back in the evening rounded off a great afternoon
    The weekend was spent with the Saturday newspaper and crafting for Kirsty's wedding.
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