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  • Day1490


    June 22 in the United Kingdom ⋅ ☀️ 23 °C

    Another big adventure for the girls on their holiday, a trip to see Great Granny Mac in Sidmouth. We put the van back into storage at 10:00am and set off immediately to Sidmouth arriving at about 12:30.
    It was a warm day, so after lunch and a quiet time we took the girls down to the beach in mid afternoon. The tide was right in so there was not much of the sand showing below the pebble line. Nevertheless Karen and Jemima greatly enjoyed paddling in the surf, Mary less so.
    On Thursday the weather had cooled considerably, but we wandered down to the beach anyway to let the girls play in the sand which they greatly enjoyed.
    Friday was a similar day with the added excitement of preparations for Jemima's fourth birthday the following day. The 2 girls helped ice and decorate the birthday cake and assisted in the making of jelly/trifle for the party. The girls chatted non stop as we did so. High levels of excitement!!!! Daddy and Magnus were coming to join us all in the evening, Stewart bringing him down in the car after school.
    Kirsty and Matt joined us late morning to join the celebration.
    We returned to North Baddesley on Sunday after a great few days with the family. We had been feeling a little grotty for a few days so we tested ourselves for covid upon our arrival at the site. We both had a positive test which was not brilliant in the circumstances. We can only assume that we picked up the bug in London.
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  • Day1489

    Sunnydale Farm

    June 21 in the United Kingdom ⋅ ⛅ 22 °C

    We had promised the girls a night in the motorhome, so we booked a pitch on the site adjacent to the motorhome storage facility.
    In the afternoon we drove down to Titchfield Haven to have a little walk along the beach. The girls were combing for pretty shells in the sand. Back at the site they were excited to play outside, but only after investigating inside the van, finding out what each of the buttons did and opening windows for fresh air.
    They were very excited to sleep overnight in the van. Once we had got them to sleep we read our books in silence for the remainder of the evening.
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  • Day1484


    June 16 in the United Kingdom ⋅ ☁️ 27 °C

    We arrived in Walthamstow in good time to be able to pick the children up from Nursery and School. Emily managed to get off to Heathrow in early evening to be joined by Stewart after he had finished Newsnight. They were travelling to Provence to attend the wedding of a good friend they had met in Johannesburg.
    We had a great weekend with the children, taking them to the park and to the shops and the library. On Saturday there was a Jumble Trail on Stewart's street. Mary took a shine to a cuddly monkey which she has called "A hA" (as in the noise a monkey makes!!!) and now travels with her everywhere.
    On Sunday we took the car out to Epping Forest where we were enjoying a picnic until a loose dog stole and ate Karen's lunch. The dog owner did not seem to appreciate why it was an unacceptable thing to occur- they could not control their dog because they had not brought the lead and seemed surprised that we could not see that that was acceptable.
    On Monday Stewart took the children to nursery and Magnus to school. It was the school sports day so we went along for the morning to watch. We were most impressed with the attitude of the children, their behaviour and the respect shown to all in the school. Magnus threw himself whole-heartedly into every activity and clearly enjoyed it all.
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  • Day1480

    North Baddesley

    June 12 in the United Kingdom ⋅ ⛅ 20 °C

    A quick trip back to do some admin etc..
    We had a wasted day on Monday. We had planned to do a lot of admin then shopping so we could entertain Syd and Jo with a curry evening on Tuesday. But instead we had a small problem with the car which prompted us to call out a breakdown recovery service. We were quickly picked up just north of Micheldever and deposited at a garage off School Lane in Chandlers Ford. We walked back to site having achieved nothing. A quick call to Syd and Jo and we arranged to meet for a lunch at the Chilworth Arms the following day instead.
    On Tuesday we walked through to Chilworth from our site arriving in good time to find our table on a sunny day. The garage phoned us whilst we were there to advise that a brake caliper was the cause of our problem, which would be sorted that afternoon.
    We enjoyed a very pleasant lunch and returned via the woods to our site mid afternoon.
    On Wednesday Karen and her friends did a walk from our site culminating in tea and cake in the afternoon. In the evening Alan walked into Chandlers Ford for a curry evening with friends starting at the Halfway Inn. Wouldn't want to meet the landlady on a dark night and certainly wouldn't dare tell her that the beer was lousy. The curry at the Sunrise made up for it, however, and K came to pick me up at 10:00ish.
    On Thursday we took the van to Sunnydale Storage facility for a few days, big thankyou to Syd once again, then took the car up to London where we were helping out Stewart and Emily with child care.
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  • Day1474


    June 6 in the United Kingdom ⋅ ⛅ 17 °C

    The forecast for the week was not great so we reconciled ourselves to having a walking and cycling week as there were clearly going to be no beach days.
    On Monday we walked from the site to Burnham on Sea which lies at the southern end of Brean Sands. Leaving the site we quickly got onto the beach and walked the four miles into the town along firm sands. We passed the famous nine legged lighthouse on our way which loomed larger as we approached.
    Burnham on Sea offered everything we would expect of an English seaside town, a short pier filled with an amusement arcade, ice cream parlour and a greasy spoon. crappy gift shops and cheap beach shops. It does have a Weatherspoons which occupies the old Golf Club headquarters at one end of the esplanade. We found a fabric shop for K and a Lidl for some grocery provisions. We decided that another four mile walk back along the beach would be a little optimistic for Karen at this stage in her recovery (she had already taken 21,000 steps) so we took the bus back to the site late in the afternoon.
    On Tuesday we cycled into Weston Super Mare along a designated sustrans cycle route, passing trough the edge of Uphill then along the sea front at Weston. We locked our bikes up near the pier and resisted the temptation to pay £1 each for the privilege of walking along the pier to view the amusement arcade, ice cream parlour and greasy spoon. Instead we continued along the esplanade to walk around the tide pool, there was no one in enjoying the water while we were there but a coupe of hardy souls in wet swimming costumes were shivering nearby so presumably they had just climbed out. We had our lunch on the headland prior to heading into the town for a look see. Our verdict was that it is just a bigger version of Burnham.
    The Warren Farm site that we were staying on holds a market every Wednesday through the holiday season so we walked along to it in the morning. It was quite a nice little market and we bought from a couple of the stalls. In the afternoon we set off northwards from the site to walk up and along Brean Down in very windy conditions. The views from the top of the down were extensive in both directions, as we walked along he sheltered northern side of the down we walked towards the island of Steep Holm, Flat Holm lay to the right in the Bristol Channel. Both these islands are now nature reserves and one featured this very week on Countryfile. The fort at the end of the Down was built in 1862 by Palmerston to defend against any invasion from Napoleon III, never used for that purpose it did feature in WW2 as a place for experimentation. One experiment was to try to develop a bouncing bomb that could be launched from a ship, not a great success apparently - the rails used to deliver the device apparently extended beyond the shore line over the sea until it all went horribly wrong on one test - apparently the resulting explosion demolished the seaward end of the test rig and that was the end of that idea. Walking back across the Down back to site was quite pleasant with the wind behind us. K had completed another 19000 steps.
    On Thursday we took the bikes out again to visit the local wet lands at Bleadon Levels and to walk some of the Tidal Walk. We enjoyed a tea and cake at the marina in Uphill. The salt flats presented an almost Dickensian scene.
    On Friday we cycled into Burnham on Sea to do some grocery shopping then chilled in the van on the afternoon.
    Saturday was market day in Burnham so we got the bikes out again for a bit of exercise, first taking in the craft market at Uphill. The market at Burnham was very busy as it sat behind the leisure park and amusement park. The market itself was truly awful, we found it impossible to believe that anyone would want to purchase any of the wares on offer. To us it redefined the words Complete Tat. Bargain Loving Brits by the Sea - eat your heart out.
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  • Day1473


    June 5 in the United Kingdom ⋅ ☁️ 13 °C

    A travelling day.
    We left our site at Marlborough mid morning and arrived at Brean prior to mid day.
    We have planned a week here in the hope of seeing some sunshine, but if not there is good walking and cycling in the area.
    The place appears to be made up of a continuing line of camp sites next to the sands. There had clearly been a mass exodus from the site following the Jubilee bank holiday break and site, though large, is pleasantly not busy.
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  • Day1461


    May 24 in the United Kingdom ⋅ ⛅ 12 °C

    A travelling day.
    We moved over to a site at Bayardo Farm in the countryside to the south west of Marlborough. On our way we stopped off at our Storage container to drop of some unrequired stuff from the van and to pick up our bikes. We have a knack of accumulating books wherever we go, and the cupboard in our van was overflowing, so we packed 2 boxes of them into the container. Hopefully we will soon be unpacking the container into our new abode and we will be reunited with all the books along with everything else.
    On Tuesday we donned our walking boots and took a walk into the adjacent West Woods which were very green.
    On Wednesday we cycled through the woods to Avebury where we had a walk around the ancient stone circle followed by a quick drink at the local pub prior to returning via the Long Barrow at West Kennet. Everywhere was very busy, and we joined many others walking through the beautiful countryside in glorious sunshine. The ride through the woods was difficult so we returned on the country lanes to our site. The trip may have been a bit ambitious in terms of Karen's return to full fitness. The whinge quotient from one of our party increased dramatically on the final run up to our site, and within half a mile of Bayardo Farm, K collapsed by the road side for a rest.
    Thankfully a local gentleman on leaving his house to go on a local journey took pity on Karen's plight and immediately offered to take her and her bike back to the van.
    Thursday was a rest day followed by Friday where we cycled into Marlborough for a look around the town after a short walk through the fields to look at the panorama.
    This was the Jubilee weekend and the town had had a big street party in the centre on Thursday. We relieved the charity ships of some of their books and K enjoyed rummaging through the "designer" clothes whist A enjoyed a coffee at Coffee I.
    Prior to leaving we stopped off at the Royal Oak where A enjoyed a pint of "Eyup" from a Chesterfield micro brewery.
    On Saturday we returned on our bikes to Marlborough to get the Saturday newspaper, thereafter we enjoyed a lazy afternoon in the van.
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  • Day1459

    North Baddesley

    May 22 in the United Kingdom ⋅ ⛅ 18 °C

    We returned to North Baddesley, where we had booked the van on for eight nights prior to receiving notification that our house search was once again over.
    Karen met up with friends and we pottered about for a few days planning a short trip in the van to cover a couple of weeks spanning the Jubilee weekend.
    We found that lots of sites were fully booked but we were able to find a CL near Marlborough where we could do some walking and cycling.
    We left the van on site over the weekend and drove over in the car to Chepstow to see Kirtsy and Matt and Rufus their cat. It was the weekend of the Upfest festival in Bedminster/Bristol - and we were looking forward to seeing the offerings from the various street artists who are given access to the parks to complete their works.
    Matt's parents came over on Saturday afternoon to enjoy a bbq in the garden. Rufus the gorgeous cat kept well out the way of Bella the dog.
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