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  • Day63

    Tarcoles, Costa Rica

    March 19, 2017 in Costa Rica ⋅ ☀️ 34 °C

    Crocodiles. Far too many crocodiles.

    The road from Monteverde to Manuel Antonio took us on a lovely scenic route down from the mountains, through Tarcoles and over the river with the same name.

    Tarcoles is on the map because of the huge amount of crocodiles that reside in the river below a bridge on one of the main highways, so it warranted a stop. I'm talking at least twenty crocodiles that we could see, let alone the ones hiding secretly in the shallows. And not small ones either. These were some of the biggest crocodiles any of us had seen! You would not want to fall off this bridge. Why they all hang out here, I don't know.

    We had a quick stop in the beachside town Jaco, which weirdly reminded me of beach towns in New Zealand. Struggling to find cheap food, we continued on and stopped at one of the roadside restaurants instead for a local style meal - Casado. Generally your choice of meat with beans, rice, cheese, salad and sometimes squash. This particular place threw in an egg too for good measure. We're battling a bit with the food in Costa Rica. Prices are up on previous countries but also the cheapest food is American style food - hamburgers, pizzas, fries. You know the drill. It's bizarre that local style food is not the cheapest choice as it is in most countries and street food doesn't seem to be a thing either. Doh.

    Short post whilst in transit! Manuel Antonio, here we come.
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