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  • Day7

    Day 6: Barcelona Hotel room

    August 12 in Spain ⋅ 🌙 25 °C

    2 days, staying in the bed, sleeping most of the times.

    Day 1: some coughing and sneezing, sore throat, itchy chest, feeling chills in one minute, hot flashes in the next, but never escalated to fever.

    Day 2: chills and hot flashes were gone. Itchy chest was gone as well. Only few coughing and sneezing left. Mostly feeling back to normal! A bit headache still remains though.

    Thanks to the vaccines, thanks to science, it seems my COVID 19 experience is a very mild one.

    However, this experience is reconfirmed one fact: I CAN love my husband even more!

    Trapped in a small room with me, he was patient, caring, funny and gentle. Since he continues to test negative, with mask on him at all time, he was able to go out and get food. Fresh squeezed Orange juice, yogurt, bananas, cookies and pastries. He wanted to make sure his sick wife didn’t go hungry.

    Tonight, he managed to find my favorite Chinese dish in Barcelona! Spicy fish stew. I crave this dish from time to time, especially when I am sick. He managed to track it down and went to get it for me. As he was waiting, I guess the restaurant owner, who doesn’t speak a word of English, took liking of him, gave him all kind of extra food to take back to me. Some tasty chicken legs, roasted sweet potatoes, fresh honeydew melon slices and some fresh plums. As we opened up the package, we looked at each other and confused. We definitely didn’t pay for all these things they added in here. But then…who doesn’t like Steve once you meet him!

    He was munching on other dishes I ordered, left the giant bowl of fish stew for me to consume. I looked at him, and really wanted to kiss him, but had to refrain myself. For some reason, the forbidden things are always so much more attractive. 😂

    I think I will be back to normal tomorrow, will try to head out if I can while wearing mask the whole time. I think walking around this lovely neighborhood should be a safe activity to do.
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