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  • Day9


    April 23, 2019 in Spain

    By some miracle Hannah slept all night with no coughing until 10:00am!! We feel like new people. Rin and Kyle came over and we all made breakfast together at our place which was nice. Poor Rin is coming down with Hannah's cold though which is not fun :( We wanted to go on a walk this morning as that is what this region of Spain is known for, but it started pouring rain and then hailing (!!!) on our walk. We got into Alajar and basically turned right back around to walk home. Sort of bummer although we did see some goats in the middle of the road and some of the black Iberian pigs this region is known for which was fun. We came back to the house and had leftover gazpacho and cheese for lunch and then headed to the car to go see the Gruta de Marvailles caves back in Aracena on another crazy twisty road. Barf. We bought our tickets and hung out for a bit before going into the caves. The grownups were a little claustrophobic but Hannah LOVED it. Evie of course refused to walk and I had to put her in the carrier :/ It's hard to believe that we were under the castle in the town! After the caves, Rin and Kyle headed to grocery shop for dinner and we headed back to the cottage. The sun came out and even though it was a bit chilly, the kids played tag and chase with our neighbors next door and Hannah had a gymnastics competition with the older girl - ha! We all met back at the house and Kyle made a pasta for us all. The girls gobbled it up and then went to bed upstairs while we ate downstairs - cough free!Read more