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  • Day6

    Beautiful beach day.

    October 17, 2019 in Greece ⋅ ⛅ 20 °C

    Today the weather was hot from daybreak and at home I'd thought, on Naxos I'd hire a car and go for a hike. This idea did not last long as it was too warm and sunny for physical exertion.
    The previous day I had discovered Plaka beach which was about 2 miles from my hotel. A long expanse of beautiful golden sand. In summer there are campsites and beach bars all along but it was quiet and tranquil here today.
    I found a great little bar. The barman was a cool aging hippie and he made me a lovely melon juice with the last of the year's melons. Then I settled onto a sunbed and got out my book. Here, if you buy from the café the sunbeds are free so I was set for the day.
    The barman visited occasionally to check we were all watered but apart from this I had most of the beach to myself. I went into the sea for a swim and noticed some colourful fish. Then suddenly a sting on my leg and one of them was biting me. The animals of Naxos think I'm very tasty. I'm still very itchy from all the mossie bites. They are so bad the local pharmacist was shocked. I have strong cream now which is heavenly!
    After lots of sun I headed back to my room for a very welcome cuppa. I've discovered they sell teabags in little packs of 10 just for us tourists! The caffeine withdrawal at the start of the week was nasty!
    I did head to the showing of Mama Mia. It turned out to be me and two Swedish ladies. But we got a glass of wine and snacks as part of the entry price so all was good with the world.
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  • Day5

    New Island, less wind, more mossies!

    October 16, 2019 in Greece ⋅ ⛅ 21 °C

    After a long wait for a ferry that doesn't seem to understand timetables, apparently that's very Greek, I made it to Naxos. It was dark when I arrived and not all that promising. My studio room is lovely with a large balcony and a very comfy bed but the street it's on is not particularly picturesque.
    As mentioned in the header the lack of wind on Naxos has brought out the bugs. To be fair I think it is only one but they have had a good old munch on any exposed skin. I must be very tasty! I'm also very itchy now too.
    Naxos is obviously a very lively place in the summer as there are loads of bars and restaurants lining the beaches but the majority are now closed with signs saying see you next May! There are still enough however to cover the few tourists here now.
    Yesterday I wandered along the beach for about 3 miles. The sand is that lovely mix of shells and small stones. It glitters in the sunlight, all colours of the rainbow.
    I found a lovely cove that I thought I'd stop in but apparently it's the nudist section. My white bits do not need to burn so I moved along. 😏
    For dinner I stopped at a lovely taverna with the required number of cats, it seems to be three. I tried something new on the menu which was interesting and delicious. Sort of an aubergine lasagne with fresh tomatoes and a piece of steak sandwiched between the layers of aubergine. Yum!
    Tonight there is an open air showing off Mama Mia somewhere in town so I think I might have to head over. It is the reason I wanted to come her watching the gorgeous scenery.
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  • Day3

    Ancient Delos

    October 14, 2019 in Greece ⋅ ⛅ 20 °C

    Today I had booked a guided tour of the uninhabited island of Delos. This is the mythical birthplace of Apollo and Artemis. The story goes that Zeus got jiggy with a mortal. His wife, Hera, was not best chuffed so banned her from giving birth on land. Delos was floating so provided a loop hole. As a present for bearing his twins Zeus anchored the island and made it visible.
    During the Hellenic times it became a huge trading post for both goods and slaves and being a tax haven, it thrived. However a plague in Athens was blamed on Apollo and his island had to pay the price. No one was allowed to be born or die on Delos. People left and the ruin that stands today shows the most amazing details of life 4000 BC.
    History lesson over! I had a great day strolling around the island imagining myself in ancient Greece. The houses and shops are amazingly intact as they were buried. There are intact streets to wander along too. The temples however were visible and locals raided them for centuries for building materials. Apparently it wasn't just the locals, a part of the collusus of Apollo is in the British museum!
    It was crazy windy again today hence the crazy hair! Plus Anthony Gormley has an exhibition there at the moment so we kept stumbling on his figures which I liked but our guide was less certain.
    Back in Mykonos I was swayed by a trendy bar with an inside area (I'd had a little too much sun) and paid a small fortune for three chicken wings and a bit of iceberg. 😋
    I made up for this with a Nutella crepe, delicious.
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  • Day2

    Mykonos town

    October 13, 2019 in Greece ⋅ ⛅ 22 °C

    Got myself up and on the sea bus over to the stunning town of Mykonos. The winding streets are easy to get lost in, I passed Jimmy's about 17 times! The white washed buildings and blue wood work are beautiful in the sunshine. I hear it's crazy in the height of summer but today it was great to pootle and windowshop. So many designer boutiques to peek into alongside the Greek souvenir shops.
    Visited the windmills that sit on the hill on the edge of the harbour. Great place to fill the sails as it is ridiculously windy here. So glad I put my hair up or it would have been a wee bit challenging to see today I think.
    Lunch today was the most delicious tasting honey balls. Think doughnut dough but not so light and smothered in gorgeous light, tasty local honey. I found a little traditional wood fired bakery down some dark stairs down a back alley. The baklava looked amazing too. Maybe tomorrow or I might have a coronary! Yum!
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