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  • Day2

    The Journey Begins,from Sydney.

    March 17, 2019 in Australia ⋅ 🌧 17 °C

    On Board Viking Sun…

    Well here we are, after what seems like a traumatic exit, which I will not dwell on, far too many thoughts of varying emotions, except to say ,shining through are examples of, “We shall not be defined, by Evil”, and the World is with us in portraying simply that. Meeting others with views of so similar, all along the way ,from the Bangladesh Driver who met us, in his robes, to people of note who are here. Trying now to feel grateful for being here ,and all it involves..!
    Cetrece came for us on Saturday, which was great ,and we had time for a nice lunch..we are such EARLY birds…time to sit outside at the Airport ,which was packed to the gunnels anyway, on a sparkling day..The thing that stood out was nobody smiled, not at all ,in the crowds, a sober feeling for sure..
    Beautiful exit over the mountains, seldom seen free of any vestige of snow,[ we normally travel in winter..] nice until an hour out then not so, and arrival into a dull and dreary Sydney, not far to the Ship at White Bay, an awful place, on board quickly ,as all the officials had gone home ,so our formalities took place, a quick glance of us and passport ,in a nice place ,on board on Sunday.
    How can I describe this new and beautiful ship ,not enough adjectives.! But full of wonderful spaces, with comfy couches, beautiful art , photographs ,tapestry, and artefacts. Books of all kinds, grouped in many places, the Explorers Lounge ,two levels, is a favourite already, glass everywhere, even the curved stairs to the upper level .The books here, a collection of so much Natural History ,are nothing short of amazing ,cushions ,reindeer skins ,and throws. These spaces called Living Rooms ,which is how it is, they practice the art of Hygge ,which you can look up, if unsure, it is of Scandinavian countries, a wonderful thing, and it shows in the peace and tranquillity that is felt all around..
    Our cabin is spacious, has an amazing bathroom ,full sized shower etc. The crew are very multi cultural ,and many of them..The food is overwhelming, not in quantity ,that is carefully managed, but the quality and variety is not like any other cruise we have seen .This line is one Families dream, and operation, so we have Mamsens, named for Grandma, and various members of this Family ,continue, their food favourites ,and ideas, so its very different.
    Yesterday it rained, deluges all day, disappointing for those on board this world cruise, who began in Miami in January, as this was the pattern since their arrival on Thursday, such a shame for a beautiful Harbour and City, BUT…as we let our lines go, it cleared, and so the Sail Away, under the Bridge,, and past the Opera House, and on past the Bays was clear, with even a little patch of blue…Right past the Bridge our ship did a complete 360o turn, leaving the busy ferries and various tour operations irate…apparently, but it was spectacular and more so from land I guess…
    I met a special woman, Charlotte Smith who is a lecturer on board for this sector, an American, lived in the Blue Mountains for 20 years, an Author, and has the largest collection of Vintage clothing in Australasia, calls herself an anthropologist of clothing.. Wise and lovely, she had attended the launch of a new designer an Afghani , Muslim girl ,yesterday , showed me the pictures of stunning clothes, she had bought some, and will wear them ,here, so passionate about multi culture design etc. Never been on a ship, petrified of water, but last night in the bumpy ride, she braved the stage, and spoke briefly.. Enriching to say the least…
    I am liking our Captain, he appears to be a sunny natured, very experienced ,Norwegian man ,which is always good, men of the sea from childhood..
    We attended, the introduction of all the officers and a nice show of the Viking performers, which impressed us ,last night.
    Windy leaving the Heads, we sail well, and this has continued through the night, today Gale Easterlies, uncommon, but is fine .
    A cooking demonstration this morning, a French Chef on board briefly, in The Chefs Table, a speciality restaurant. He is Sydney based, made slightly ridiculous things with lots of FOAM, and a beetroot dish, he had cooked the beetroot encased in egg white, for two hours…!! All very interesting, though ,along with a Granita, with more foam, Pink Grapefruit juice and Gin, not for the home kitchen, he had sooo many helpers, a few little hiccoughs as well, cooking under bright lights brings the unforeseen. I thought of Joan and I ,years ago, quickly learning that complicated is not the way to go.
    Many lectures of interest throughout the day, and getting to know our ship and passengers. Casual dress is the trend, and some have brought the gardening clothes, many US people ,as there are 460 on the World Journey ,will be Australians too, we have not seen so many yet. Hobart tomorrow and our journey begins ,Love from us ,Faye and Sam
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