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  • Day5


    March 20, 2019 ⋅ ☀️ 19 °C

    Geelong, Victoria.

    Today the sea side city of Geelong ,on the Barwon River in Corio Bay ,some distance from Melbourne ,perhaps 45 mins on a good day..a tender Port.[Our lifeboats]which are like big speedboats on the outside..These are quite up market…on a new ship of course. Geelong prospered in the days of the Wool industry ,and now its warehouses are made into galleries, and museums. Greeted by so many volunteers ,friendly, very helpful people ,excited as we were their 3rd cruise ship this year, and they welcome that.

    We have visited in depth in the past, but still nice things undiscovered .We chose to walk, in need of a good walk, along the waterfront and beaches, a distance to the Botanical Gardens, up a considerable amount of small steps ,avenues of my favourite Pepper Trees, soft and fern like, through a very arid Park, to the Gardens , lush and green, lots of interest. Onward to the centre of the city, along the Promenade above the beach, Cockatoos and Lorikeets in the trees, we love the birds…
    Haircut for Sam, [not shorn like the Alex lot]…Postcard for Mum, no mean feat, a thing of the past it seems, but with great guidance by friendly souls ,we found some… Coffee and onward ,spent several hours, looking around, one street with the smooth barked Gums ,in the centre ,very Australia, and their eucalyptus scent fills the air..
    Back in the afternoon ,to our tranquil surroundings ,we are almost sure we have smaller numbers than there could be, so will check that later..Another good Show last night ,the Abba Songbook ,and earlier entertained with such harmony from 3 resident girls singing, at our Cocktail gathering. The resident entertainers are good quality, for sure..

    We continue to meet memorable people, and as this is my Diary I need to note them. Today Dave and Lynn from Houston ,ex Law enforcement ,prisons, air marshals, and more ,who now run a Sanctuary for miss treated and animals in need, Lynn had many pictures of those in her care, and enthralled us for some time, with their history, that of Francis Bacon, the pig who helps her carry sticks to the fire pit, and has his own cat ,who he adores and she him ,He has a dressing gown for cold nights, wears it happily. She has Horses, their stories are harrowing, but also their resurrection is amazing. They have Autistic girls to assist ,and their progress is unbelievable ,they have children visit, who learn what animals actually are…I could go on..Needed tissues, and they invited us to come and stay ,amazing people.! Consider it a calling…
    Las Vegas residents last night, Connie and Art, who commiserated with us in gun tragedy, as of course they share our horror. Then Stephen and Alwyn, from Doncaster, with their son at The Austin, a Neurologist, Stephen not liking Ocean Cruising ,but comes because wee Alwyn loves it… Wondered if their son shared the riotous Austin Xmas Parties ,where all dress up ,Cetrece.?…Some treasures on board…
    I love that you are all here, and thought this is so good, to have all my favourite people in one place , so grateful for you all. !

    Have to say, as we bought a paper today ,that Australia is with us in our tragedy, presently ,the PM threatening to banish the Turkish representative for remarks made..he has been summoned…So much in the paper ,and some wise editorials. A comfort ,if there can be that.
    We sailed away on a warm evening ,in darkness, followed by flocks of tiny gulls, laughing… as we have a Wildlife chappie on board, Robyn and Wife,[eats tiny scraps of lentil stew.]Robyn eats lots.. they scan for every living thing, outside, waving in excitement ,if they spot anything ,and noting in a book ,the most minuscule of things…dedicated, He will be flat out tonight.!
    Bye now, Love from us on Viking Sun.
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