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  • Day28

    Maputo, Mozambique

    April 12, 2019 in Mozambique ⋅ ⛅ 27 °C

    Maputo ,Mozambique

    Today was different ,being unwell ,Bronchitis ,[Acute] chest I am told ,I was advised to remain on board ,and because I am so keen to be well again asap, I did that.! I became ill quickly…and in my darkest hours I envisaged being cast ashore in Mozambique.!! Swift intervention was the key, the Dr is Russian, I think ..and so very good and kind…
    Maputo was really the stop for all those going on overland excursions to Kruger National Park, and some others. These were all booked out well in advance ,so not expecting too much from Maputo…
    One of the lovely things about today was the handing over of all the Cyclone Relief pallets, of all manner of things, as previously mentioned. Important people came on board, also the Red Cross ,to receive their generous donations ,including some of the Baby Hats .Those knitter’s present ,were invited to the Atrium Stairs ,to join the Officers ,whilst the Maputo TV filmed, so maybe in darkest Africa ,we are starring tonight…!!!We will never know.!
    Fortunately, I had ringside seats for the whole of today, Balcony view of simply everything. Many comings and goings, view over part of the City, the Railway Station ,from Colonial days, is said to be one of the most beautiful in the world ,I could see some of the outside.! The trains reminded of Michael Palins journey across Africa, by train, the green and white carriages ,of the older slow trains as they pulled out for far away places, was good for the imagination.. Mixed architecture from times past ,also quite modern city buildings. Called the city of Acacias ,as these are the pretty trees that grace the streets , look lush and so green.
    Portuguese from the 1500,s,later gold ,and a good harbour was made ,a resort type place back then ,where South Africans’ came for holidays, fine resorts and restaurants and beaches .Lots has changed, but the husband of a nice English /Australian friend ,wondered if the Nightclubs he knew ,were still going… He is 80+ so wishful thinking.!!
    Many ,many workers in the Harbour area, all kitted out in the world scourge of Safety Vests ,an epidemic even in Africa…a growth Industry…along with Road Cones…!
    Sam ventured into the interior ,with a city tour, chaotic in parts, especially the Rail/Bus terminal, but nice, leafy ,Markets ,and a few good sights. I shall extract his meagre pics ,when I can, I take 50 + he a spartan 5 or so.!!! Even Sam was impressed at the beautiful wooden crafts, walking sticks,[ ebony], masks, also colourful fabrics ,I will see them again I hope..
    A new and HUGE bridge one of the largest in Africa, has been recently opened, with little traffic it seemed, and not all its lighting complete, but so huge ,possibly China is involved, they are in undeveloped places ,and do bridges well. Since learned certainly China built, and a toll of $12, means, as the ferry is only $5, in a developing country, nobody much uses the new and wonderful bridge.!
    Of great interest was the removal of the ships generous donations by the Red Cross, in their very dilapidated truck, boards covering the holes in the deck, taking all day… 2 to help initially, but as night fell, just one chap on his own .Painful handling of the small, ancient fork lifting device ,on the wharf, as we left, several pallets remained ,and we feared night my cause them disappear..rapidly..! We hope they give someone ,better quality of life.. Honesty is not the greatest in these places.
    I have finished reading, Disgrace ,a shocking book of” Todays South Africa,” JM Coetzee ,a true story , really one needs to know both sides of the story ,and there are many…but this well…kept me awake at night…! Thelma ,a must…!
    Saying goodbye today ,to lovely souls met along the way. Charlotte Smith from my first BLOG, she has been such a highlight ,a delight to us all. Jim and Dot from, Lititz , Pennsylvania , salt of the earth people, so wise… Helga and John from Hawaii ,Helga said, learning about Finding Penguins was the best thing she did on the whole journey…she is taking it back to her Travel Club ,to show them all…That was nice. We are disembarking 340 passengers ,and 320 coming on board, so new faces to enjoy.
    I had my Drs appmt this morning , he declares I am mending well, but still 5 days of treatment ,I have to say that today is heaps better, I was unwell yesterday…
    Much to look forward to ahead, we will be in Durban later today. South Africa, a whole new world….
    Hope Mum is fine, and it is not getting cold just yet.
    Love from us, almost in Durban, where we have 3 nights.
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    Faye Smith

    A fine young man,helping Red Cross.

    Faye Smith

    A metal house related to Eiffel

    Faye Smith

    Wish I had seen these.!

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