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  • Day43

    Ivory Coast,Africa

    April 27, 2019 in Ivory Coast ⋅ ⛅ 25 °C

    Busy Sea Days…Ivory Coast,Africa.

    There is never a dull moment on our sea days..
    Yesterday was our Anzac Day service, in a phone box we felt, but no in the Theater, and so many attended, more sheets had to be printed. Huge graphics on full screen , beautiful scenes of the Poppies in Flanders Fields, the memorial at Gallipoli ,with the beautiful wording on the Monument ,to the Mothers ,and more ,very special and the service with Heather ,our Cruise Director, a Jack of all Trades, and so very good ,was very moving. Many USA people attended ,as the Military is so very important to them ,and they love a Parade…
    Afterwards all meeting in the Atrium, and finally we found the other New Zealanders on board, all 5 of us, Shelia and Dick from Mt Manganui ,and Don, who is 87,and originated in Napier ,as a baby he was damaged in the Earthquake of long ago, he is 87, so as a result he cannot hear, has difficulty walking as well, he is a poor soul, often with scrapes and bruises, but elated to know I was born in Gore ,where he went to High School, his Father was a Bank Manager ,so many different places. Sumner School for the deaf for a time .Very difficult to understand but ,we managed, on the World Cruise, and booked for next time as well ,plays Bridge every day, a very clever man, making the most of a limited life… Shelia and Dick also have a claim to fame, nice people, Dick is Dutch in origin, and their Grandson is Sam Cain ,the All Black, Sam was delighted…so a happy band we were ,and looking forward to seeing them again tonight.
    Today has been a bit of excitement, first we crossed the line of Null Island , fictional… where it is 0 latitude, North ,and 0 Latitude East, the Equator, then the buoy that marks the spot, bobbing in the ocean ,attached to 4000lbs of ballast and reports weather etc .A little detour, but our Captain enjoys such things.
    Followed by the Crossing of the Line [Equator],ceremony ,kiss the Fish and dunked in the Pool, presided over by King Neptune ,and his mermaids .Lots of crew and passengers ,and lastly Heather the Cruise Director, The Captain, and General Manager…so very hot at 33o,they would be glad to jump in !…Drinks and all good fun…To Watch…!..
    Knitting is in high gear, as we near the destination, and it seems 70 or more ,in these few days ,some interesting combos, as we reach the end of the wool supply…
    Asked what Sam does in that time, well he has a little , disciplined regime of exercise, many stairs included, a nice older Fisherman, from Australia, who lived a long time in Sth Africa ,Mike whose wife is a knitter as well… so they have good yarns..He reads and is very adaptable.. Lectures ,we have an Astronaut ,on board ,with tales to tell ,and other interesting people as well.
    Today, lunch by the Pool, looking out on a clam sea ,floor to ceiling windows, so peaceful… Our Captain stopped to chat ,to tell us of a New Zealander who had a 80 mtr luxury yacht ,built in Norway recently, so pleased he has ordered another one…![Fancy ,he remembers we are from NZ…!]
    We enjoy everyday, and will be rather sad when it all ends, its flying by ,and we have one day until Dakar, Senegal ,which will be a culture shock for sure…! Keep warm and well..
    Love every tiny snippet you send…!
    Bye from us far away in the Atlantic..
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    Faye Smith

    A tiny dot in a huge ocean...

    Faye Smith

    NZ'ders together

    Faye Smith

    Lunch Time..

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