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  • Day12

    Jungle book

    March 3 in Sri Lanka ⋅ ☁️ 30 °C

    What a wonderful place! Yes, I felt a lot better after a good night's sleep! We are in a little house called Lemongrass, in the hotel's amazing jungle garden. It feels utterly private and beautifully wild. We woke to a band of monkeys running across our roof, jumping into the palms and grabbing bananas from the trees! Amazing!

    We decided to make it a very easy day, we were both tired from quite a lot of full-on traveling. So Zoran had a good lie in, and I settled down with my Lee Child thriller by the infinity pool and lazed. The day away reading and watching the birds and monkeys.

    We ate at the Spice House that night and it was pretty fun and sociable, other than for Zoran who was stuck next to some rather boring Russians.
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