• Day19

    Off the boar - Boston

    August 11, 2018 in the United States ⋅ 🌧 19 °C

    We had a leisurely morning, packed last things away and went up to breakfast just after 8. Ed and I played a last bit of table tennis on the ship - he's definitely improved. Went to the room to wait for out call, we were purple 2 group. Got the call about 915 and left ship, one last key card checkout.
    Found our bags in the tyerminal. No porters around so we carried them to taxi queue. Quese was longer for larger cabs for more than 2 people, but we only waited about 15 minutes. Despatcher was angry at some elderlies who marched past the queue and got in further doiwn the road. She said normally she would have made them get out but as they were old it wasnt worth it.
    Cab was about 15 minutes to Omni Parker Hosue Hotel right in centre of Boston. Even though was only about 10am one of our rooms was ready so we went straight up - bags quickly followed. We headed back down to the concierge and got a map and some ideas of what to do. Went to pub up road which was showing the Chelsea game and had some brunch. After game finished we decided to go back to room and chill until about 1 when we headed off to the Blue Man Group theatre about 15 minutes walk away.
    It was raining so we took coats - first rain we had been out in since we came away. Ed navigated us to the theatre and we got drinks in bar and programme and fridge magnet! Got our seats - right in front row, complete with ponchos for paint splatter.
    Show was great. The three blue men were really expressive and behaved like child like beings, a little like curios things from a ikds pprogramme like the tele tubbies!
    After playing paint drums at the start (these were set up and back from front of stage so no splatter of audeince), they threw some marshmallows into crowd. ONe hit Tash in eye and bounced to Ed who gave it to me, I ate it. Then they threw marshamllows into one of the guys mouths he must have caught about thirty in all, after the first twenty or so he moulded them round his mouth into a funnel shaoe inside to be able to catch more in the middle.
    Paint balls were thrown at the other blue man who caught them in his mouth and spat them onto a canvas making a picture.
    Sam had been given a handbag before the show started to put on her lap and after the mallows the blue men came over and took it and put the marshmallows into it then gave it back. Sam hamed up a hoorified look and the corwd thought it was hers! A bit later someone took it away as I put it on the floor near the end of the row.
    They climbed into the audience on chair arms and bacs, using Ed and Sams heads as balance rests. Chewed some crucnhy cereal and spat it all over, we got some especially Ed, who hd behind his poncho and the blue man mimicked jim hiding behind the cereal box. They got a lady on stage from near the back and ate twinkies with her. She was very funny, wouldnt be fed by the guy at one piint and he blew on the twicnkie to cool it down. Mushed up twinkie (actually banana) spurted out of holes in blue mens chests, sytaight into audince. I got a bit but Sam got loads, all in her hair!
    The show was about hour and half and really good. Ponchos werent needed that much other than the banana. The finale saw toilet rolls type paper pulled across the audience from the back. At the font we had to keep pulling it forward and piling it on the stage. It was never ending, Ed got covered, especially when the blue men got back on stage and threw the pile over the front row. He sat for the rest of the show (only few minutes) in a cocoon of papsr! They blew more roll from the stage with fans. Was great finish verys pectaclular.

    Down in the bar at the end the Blue Men were posing for pics. We had to wait while the guy in fornt tried to do a magic card trick with the blue man. Didnt quite work! Blue man took my phone and did couple of great selfies!
    Ed then realised he had left his coat under seat, someone fetched it for us. Walked back to hotel for just after 4 and chilled until 530 when we got an Uber 10 minutes or so to the Summer Shack lobster restuarnat that had been recommended. It was good had soem great lobster potstickers (which we had seen test kitchen on baor produce some shrimp ones) and lobster rolls. MIne with a little butter was good. Got Uber back to hotel and turned in.
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