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  • Day47

    Salir do Porto

    November 16, 2019 in Portugal ⋅ 🌙 12 °C

    After a very peaceful evening,watching the sun set over the hills and the reflection of the town shimmering off the sea, this morning we headed 2 minutes along the coast to a place found on the app park4night. A cross between an aire and a motorhome park. Today is a bit of an admin day, cleaning the inside of the van, a bit of doby and some time to just do nothing before deciding on our next location.
    This afternoon has a bit of a downturn. The day started bright enough but by lunch we had a few showers. All was well as it was still warm and I was sat out side under the awning reading until the wind changed direction during one light shower and started to blow the rain under the awning. In I went to continue reading as a really strong gust snapped the legs and fixing mounts and collapsed the wind out awning. #*@*. Luckily the canopy still retracts and we were able to stow it safely, but that's going to cost!
    Rest of the day was spent doing not much except watch the weather deteriorate. Oh well there's always tomorrow.
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