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  • Day76


    December 15, 2019 in Portugal ⋅ ☁️ 16 °C

    So we left Aljezur thus morning heading for Salema. Stayed there for a week last year and thoroughly enjoyed it. Less than an hours journey and we pulled up on the aire and chose our spot. Only 1 other van there. Within 2 minutes the sliding door opens of the German van and out pops a scruffy looking dog which proceeds to wander around the site crapping everywhere, owners showing no interest in picking up. It then walks over to our van and starts barking it's head off, still no response from the owners. After a quick brew we took Tess for a walk on the beach.....No that's not happening massive no dog signs everywhere. The bars and resturants that we enjoyed so much last year all shut. Back to the van to find a Dutch van has arrived and has his generator running full pelt. Time to move.Read more