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  • Day73

    Train Day 3

    July 12, 2019 in Canada ⋅ ⛅ 20 °C

    As I went to bed last night there was a huge lightening was kinda of scary! Nonetheless I managed to get to sleep! I woke up in Winnipeg, Manitoba in the middle of the night (a lot later than scheduled) so decided not to get off the train and just go back to sleep! I woke up and was actually hungry for breakfast so headed to the dining car for the continental breakfast. We were all pleased to hear the announcement that they’d made up some time and now only 2 hours behind schedule, which for this train is quite normal. Basically the freight companies own the tracks so they get priority over any passenger trains which is the reason for the delays along the way. I missed the whole of Manitoba as we passed through it during the night but I woke to the completely different landscape of Saskatchewan! We had a stop in Saskatoon and then carried on for Alberta. This afternoon after brunch was wine tasting! Another fun activity 😊 and today was a good day for wildlife - I saw a pelican, coyote, moose, a few deer and some bison! Another evening and another tasty dinner (butternut squash soup, cod and cheesecake).Read more