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    Day 26 - Yellowstone National Park

    June 10, 2017 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 12 °C

    Off to see the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone National Park and the Upper and Lower falls.

    Wow wow wow. First we stop on a long winding road to see a Back Bear sunning himself on rock ledge. I couldn't have been more than 10m from him. Unbelievable.

    Next we saw some Bison locking horns in battle.
    A sight to behold.

    We drove past some fantastic rock formations including the one pictured below which looks like a log fence built around the mountain holding it up.

    As we approached the top of the mountains there was fresh snow on the trees and ground. We were about 8,500ft above sea level. We threw snowballs at each other and Stephen climbed up the hill a bit until he gell flat on his arse 😁😁

    Very very beautiful to drive through this area.

    Next stop was the Grand Canyon and falls.

    The Canyon is on a volcano. It was formed by a glacier 3,000ft high melting which formed the Canyon.

    Artists Point gave beautiful views of the waterfall and Canyon.

    The National Park was established in 1872 and is an UNSECO World Heritage Site. It is the first National Park in USA.

    As we traveled back to base we were bear spotting but no luck spotting another one today.

    After dinner we walked up to the Roosevelt Arch. Along the way we found 3 adult deer just sitting in the park. Took lots of pictures I must have been 5ft from them. They are stunning creatures wish I had those long skinny legs and ankles not too fussed about the hooves though.

    Tomorrow we are going out late bear hunting.
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