• Day24

    Santiago de Compostela

    September 28 in Spain ⋅ ⛅ 10 °C

    Today's KMs - 19.4 kms
    Total KMs - 562.0 kms
    Total blisters - 12

    What a feeling after 21 consecutive days walking 562 KMs (average of 35,120 steps per day) our journey came to an end at the most amazing, majestic cathedral in Santiago de Compostela. I must say, the atmosphere outside the cathedral was overwhelming with emotion as pilgrims made their final steps on their Camino journey.

    It was a nice moment to take in before the realisation of just how many people there were sharing this moment with us. This became particularly evident when we tried to get our Compostela (certificate of completion) from the pilgrims office. We were handed a numbered ticket #1099 and #1100. They were up to 287 after 3 hours of processing 😬... Apparently the average wait is around 6 hours. So, we decided we didn't need the piece of paper for now.

    Instead we had a bus to catch in the afternoon to Muxia where we've decided to extended our journey and walk to Finisterre. More about that later, for now we are just chuffed to have made it, a little battered and bruised but already talking about our next Camino 😜
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