• Day3

    Koko Crater aka Mount Doom

    October 2, 2019 in the United States ⋅ ⛅ 30 °C

    Why do I keep doing this? 'Oh that hike looks great, what a fun thing to add to our holiday', gahhhhhh!
    First stop, Koko crater aka Mount Doom. The Koko Head trail is an old railway with 1048 stairs, what a great way to start the day, said no one ever. Driving into the carpark and you could see a clear path up the giant mountain next to us. It was bloody beautiful, don't get me wrong, but we (mostly me) had to stop so many damn times on the way up to not die. There were a few military people who do it 5 times a day then go home. FIVE TIMES! One lady was on her phone just having a chat with a friend on the way up, while I'm struggling to breathe let alone talk. It was tough, but the view was unreal! Took us just over an hour to get to the top and about 45 minutes to get down. Going up was obviously more strenuous, but going down was really tricky, a lot of the steps you have to literally climb up, some were up to my hip because sleepers in between had fallen away or eroded, or some were a weird size anyway. There was also a section where there was no ground underneath at all, it just dropped off. There were some dogs doing it with their owners (the crazy runners) and on our way back down there was a girl heading up with her family and she said that if a dog could do it, she could. We had a laugh but refrained from telling her that it's a trap. Finally got to the bottom, absolutely dead, like.. ready to vomit dead, so that was an unpleasant half an hour while my tummy settled. Ben ran in to some shops nearby and got some water, coke and Gatorade so we could switch between the drinks to hydrate and get some sugar back into us. I'm glad we did it, but yeah.. once is enough.
    Oh! Nearly forgot, guess who did the whole thing in pluggers?! Quite a few people mentioned it to him and were dumbfounded haha, Ben's usual response was 'I'm an Aussie, mate'. Hahaha, typical 😅😅
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