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  • Day7

    Relaxation in Puerto lopez

    August 11, 2021 in Ecuador 鈰 鈽侊笍 23 掳C

    Stayed two nights in the small fisher village Puerto López to chill out and recover after Montanita’s party 馃槈.

    In fact Puerto López provides a bunch of nice beach bars, but none of them were populated during the week. They told me though on the weekends and especially during vacation time these will be crowded!

    Enjoyed though super delicious sea food right at the beach, ran along the seaside and took a whale watching tour (will write a separate post about that impressive experience). Puerto López is also the entrance to the famous Los Frailes beach, one of the nicest remote beaches in Ecuador.

    Extra note: This town has more Tuktuks than cars 馃槄 - which is something special for the coast, I have never seen a Tuktuk in Cuenca.

    Really nice windy roads leading from Montanita to Puerto López, was a lot of fun driving 馃槑…even though the streets showed more often holes to curve around. Something I have not encountered around Cuenca.

    For me this seems like a decent place to relax for a weekend, but too quiet for living around here. Also the infrastructure is lacking here, e.g. illumination in the streets at night or I could not even buy chewing gum in a couple of stores I checked out 馃槼.

    Stay: Tuzco Lodge (25 USD per single) - a well equipped (pool, sauna, etc.) and managed lodge place with very friendly staff. Not directly at the beach side but due to that location very quiet. A clear recommendation!
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