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  • Day14

    Biking off the beaten track - Atacames

    August 18, 2021 in Ecuador ⋅ ⛅ 28 °C

    On my way up to Esmeraldas I found out there is not really much to see in Esmeraldas and the nice beaches lie outside of the city. Therefore, decided to stay one night in Atacames, the beach town famous for its beach bars & weekend party spot for Quiteños.

    I took the longer beach route from Mompiche over Muisne to Atacames with my bike off the beaten track (which was recommended by my hotel in Mompiche - always great to get some local advice 👍) and loved the windy roads through rainforest terrain. There were not many people on these roads (you should not be scared of this 😉) and probably many of those small fisher villages never have seen a guy packed up on a motorbike according to the looks I received 😅. The condition of the road was overall great (seems that one was freshly paved), but there is also a part dirt road. Especially note able was Playa Escondida, a private land (5 USD entrance fee) with beach and possibilities to stay there in lodge style houses as well as camping options. I just went beachside with my bike, had a look around and could avoid paying the fee after talking with the relaxed guards 👌. Seems like a place off the beaten track with good relaxed vibes 😎.

    I have been in Atacames on a Wednesday night, which was rather quiet as usual during the week. Made the most strange encounter of the whole trip through when a guy in the street started talking German with me. Then he insisted to have more German communication with me and practice his German. As nice guy I said ok let’s go and have something to eat. I encountered then that he had obviously psychological problems as he was talking with non existent persons in the room 😳…after the dinner gave a short farewell and stayed for the rest of the night in the hotel trying to avoid re-meeting him in the streets 😅.

    Atacames itself has a nice wide beach, swimming though was not possible due to high waves 🌊. It seemed for me during the week it is rather a family than a party spot.

    For living this is a pretty small holiday retreat, where I lack the infrastructure and as well would be annoyed I guess after a while by the tourist crowds.

    Stay: Hotel Rosmarg - convenient located right beach side. Has everything needed but still pretty basic for 25 USD per night (small room). The staff was rather helpful for Ecuadorian standards 😉.
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