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  • Day19

    Casablanca. Morocco

    April 27, 2016 in Morocco ⋅ ⛅ 15 °C

    Got in from the train around 2.30pm. Caught the train from Tanger at 9.30am. Good trip even though it stopped many times. The toilet was interesting. It is a long drop straight onto the tracks. We paid for 1st class so we would be gauranteed a seat but we purchased the tickets an hour before we boarded. We had the 6 birth seating cabin to ourselves for a good couple of hours and I was able to lay down and have a sleep. We got company for a short part of the trip but then he disembaked an hour before we got to Cassa. We got in a petite cab and went to the hotel Mamoura. 60 MAD which is about 6 Euro. Cheap as compaired to home.
    The room is pretty good compaired to the room we had in Tanger. That was very basic but this room is flash by Tanger standards. Intrepid booked this hotel and I must say so far so good. Just waiting for our friends Cass and Megan to arrive from the airport as they are joining us on our tour with Intrepid tomorrow.
    Not so impressed with Casablanca as yet. It is very dirty what I have seen so far. The medina and the mosque has been recommended to us and we may head out there tomorrow as I think Cass and Megan may want to freshen up and relax this afternoon after over 30 hours in transit.
    Day 2 - took a cab (the 5 of us) to the mosque. Did a tour of the mosque (1/2 hr) and it was great to see. This building is incredible 200m x 100m x 65m tall) It was consturcted over a 6 year period with 3,000 people working on it. They worked in shifts around the clock.
    Walked from there through the old medina and then onto a nice resturant to have tea and a snack. Walked on from there through the new medina. From there we walked up the main street onto the market and had lunch. What an experiance that was. We had to pick our own fresh seafood and take it back to the resturant foor area and they cooked it for us. Very interesting and tasty. Luckly there was a lady dinning there that spoke english or we would not have known what the process was to eat there.
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