• Day52

    Simpson Desert Day 3

    August 8, 2016 in Australia ⋅ ⛅ 11 °C

    Overnight temperatures weren't as cold as the night before recording 5 degrees celcius just before sunrise. We were woken by a chorus of birds.
    Breaking camp, we headed back onto the French Line meeting 5 vehicles (most from the Townsville 4WD club and a couple from NT). We drove on only to have our sand flag pole sever off its mount, and in need of some repairs. Then onto Poeppel corner (corner of SA, NT, QLD), named after the surveyor who marked the border between QLD and SA in 1880, an entry in the visitor's book, several photos and on our way again.
    From Poeppel Corner we turned northward into NT, before crossing into QLD along the QAA Line for our final night. The dunes are getting larger although further apart and more traffic as vehicles enter the desert traveling east to west. We have only seen one vehicle towing a trailer, the rest have been 4WDs and motorbikes.
    We found an ideal location overlooking a swale (interdune valley) with plentiful wood for a fire and beautiful red, black and white birds and flocks of wild green budgies. The night sky has been spectacular since entering the desert! Finishing off the wine and port, we read by the fire then hit the sack with warm overnight temperatures.
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