• Day3

    ... in Dinant

    May 13, 2017 in Belgium ⋅ 🌧 17 °C

    Another great day traveling with good weather and only five minutes rain. The day started with us visiting a factory I was involved with many years ago. It was great to see it being in such good condition and so well managed by my good friend Philippe.
    After our tour of Miller Graphics we headed south on a route carefully plotted by Mandy and ruthlessly edited by the sat nav which was determined to take us on motorways and not on the chosen way.
    As a surprise Mandy took me to see a barge lift at Mons which can lift barges weighing 1350 tonnes through 73 metres in about 6 minutes with not a drop of water leaking as it lifted 8000 tonnes in total. It has two independent lifts. A real feat of engineering.
    We are staying with 23 other MG's at this very nice hotel in Dinant. The food is very good. The rooms are nice and the MG owners and partners are very friendly.
    After a good night's sleep we went into town and visited the church and the Citadel which sits above the town and played a significant part in the first world war. In our way out we met a bunch of Malay tourists who asked us to stop the car so they could take photos.
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