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  • Day13

    White Pearl

    March 21, 2019 in Mozambique ⋅ ☀️ 29 °C

    To conclude our trip we thought that we would need a holiday to recover from our exertions, so we selected four days at this resort. It has 22 separate bungalows but at present has only 10 guests. Because we are staying for 4 nights we get various goodies thrown in, along with the free drink, tours, and massages. We also get a butler by the name of Olivia ( actually a butlerette) . She is on hand to serve all our meals, drinks etc. As soon as we settle anywhere she appears to offer drinks, food etc- we believe that she thinks that Anne is not eating enough because every time she chooses a light meal, we get the raised eyebrows and are asked “is that all!”

    Today we went on an ocean safari. We set off in a RIB to hunt for dolphins to play with. We were given a half hour long, stern lecture, on how to behave around the dolphins, but in the end, we only found two who were busy feeding and not at all interested in playing today. We continued on, and Brian snorkelled around the reef to see the many varieties of fish. Anne stayed safely on the RIB, doing what comes naturally to her - chatting with the skipper and of course keeping a sharp eye out for sharks!

    After that adventure it was 10:30 - time for the first beer of the day. From there we progressed to a lounger for a while then a gentle beach walk before a delicious lunch and a bottle of wine, then an afternoon siesta. It’s all so exhausting!!

    The resort is wonderful . There are endless empty beaches, lots of places to lounge, great food and very friendly staff.
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