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  • Day53


    February 3, 2017 in New Zealand ⋅ ☀️ 20 °C

    Wake up was a little later today but we still were up before 9. Without eating breakfast I headed off to watch my friends zorb. We got on the bus that dropped us off at the place and I was somehow convinced to do it as well. My friend Jess and I went to the Sidewinder with water twice because it was so fun. It was impossible to stand up but still amazing. After, we headed back to the hostel for some food and next was wifi time. It was quite hot today so I mostly stayed inside playing a card game called asshole with Jess, James, Daniel, and Felix. When we did venture out we headed down to the pool that felt like a hot tub. There I met some more Americans that would be joining our bus tomorrow. After a shower me and Daniel went in search of alcohol but after a long walk realized neither of us had our passports. So we grabbed some fruits and vegetables and went back. It was dinner time at that point so we went and looked around before settling on LovelyIndia which was absolutely delicious. After we went back to get the alcohol then headed to the bar for our free lava drinks. After I drank my two I convinced everyone to come play cards. We quickly realized 11 people in a tiny room trying to learn a card game is a bad idea. We slowly got smaller and smaller until just my roommates were in the room. Then it was packing time which took quite awhile. After a few more attempts at some new card games we brushed up and tried to go to sleep to the sound of a packed bar.Read more