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  • Day55

    Climbing Mt. Doom

    February 5, 2017 in New Zealand ⋅ ☀️ 18 °C

    This was a very early morning that started around 5 giving me just 3 hours of sleep. We all threw ourselves on the cold bus and got ready for the long ride up to the start of the trail. When we finally arrived everyone piled in line for the bathroom but I just started walking. I soon caught up to Fredrick and we realized we were ahead of our whole bus by a lot. We reached the bottom of Mt. Doom in half the time they said it would take. We started up the hill which was quite brutal and very long. We ended up walking with a German guy for the whole way up the mountain and only at the very top did Daniel, Joe, and Rupert finally catch up with us. We had lunch at the top as we looked at the amazing views of surrounding lakes, mountains and snow. We wasted no time and after a short lunch we found ourselves sprinting and falling down the mountain. More than halfway down we saw Siri, Rhi, and Jess slowly trekking up but after a short hello we continued on. I kept up with the boys with much difficulty due to their very long legs. We reached the turnoff to the second summit and decided to do it because we were so far ahead of schedule. This summit wasn't too hard and didn't take too long but after we finished it I realized we still had 13 kilometers to go until the end. After awhile I gave up on keeping up with the boys but seeing as none of them had any more water, they never went very far. At one point me and Daniel held back while the other two boys started running down the hill. The last half of the hike was very slow and somewhat boring with all the slow walkers that jammed up the pathway. I finally got to the end and found Rupert and Joe waiting by the bus at the bottom. We loaded soon after and while we were all loading Daniel arrived. I fell asleep for most of the drive back. I took a nap while everyone else came back and when I woke up I went down to find Siri who told me that Jess and Rhi had missed the last bus. We all went to eat some pizza and I went back early to look for Jess. Luckily she had made it back thanks to the bus leaving half an hour late.Read more