• Day155

    San Agustin

    September 26, 2018 in Colombia ⋅ ⛅ 19 °C

    Last night we stayed in paradise! A 6 bed door for 3 of us, in a massive posh hut. Awesome! Unfortunate though, we all wanted to stay in bed all day, but we had to get up to go to be sculpture park, which was closed yesterday. Boooo!
    In San Agustin remains of an ancient people were found, dating back 6000 years, and very little is known about them. This pre dates all the know people in the America’s by a while! The main thing left behind were many sculpture and burial mounds. Sadly, as always, loads of gold was taken from the site, but most of the sculptures remain. They spread over a few national parks, so take a day and a lot of walk-in and 4x4 roses to see it all. We went to he main site and museum before getting a van to the near by town to then make moves towards he boarder.
    3 became 2 when Malvin realised he had left his hard drive at the mega hostel, he he’s coming later as he had to go back. This leaves Kirsty and myself, in a small minibus, to cross the ‘Trampoline of Death’ road, mostly at night. This road is supposed to rival Death Road in Bolivia, we’ll wait and see! We are 15 mins in, 3 hours till things get hairy !

    Getting here wasn’t the most comfortable either. We left Popayán knowing that here would be a bit of a rough road, but it ended up being a bit of a fire road. The type of thing I normally encounter on my mountain bike. It was okay though, but the standard 2 hour extra journey. So about 7 instead of 4, but hey, that’s what it was.
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