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  • Day294

    El Chalten

    February 12 in Argentina ⋅ ⛅ 15 °C

    Well, what can I say?! El Chalten is the home of the most famous piece of rock in Patagonia. Fitz Roy! I saw a climbing film a few years ago about the first travers across all 7 peaks of the range and I was intrigued ever since.
    The town itself is pure here because of the mountain, so it’s a climbing and trekking Mecca. With loads of walking tails for day hike and beyond, it’s a very cool place and I scored the weather!!
    I only stayed two nights, but the first full day i had here, I did two day hikes back to back, around 45km and 10 hours with a stop to take the views! Fitz Roy was amazing, truly unbelievable when I first saw it properly just after 7am. I think I laughed for an hour! There’s a big old lake up under the range which was a great place to chill for an hour and get some photos. I got up the 4/5 hour hike in 2.5 hours, so I was feeling very smug coming down meeting the people is past on the way up!
    Once I was down form the lake, I was heading home to see what else I could do, but then I saw a sign for Lago Torre, checked the map and went with it! Another 10km later, I found myself at another lake, this time with a glacier at one end and a Hugh tower of rock next to it. I did not expect that! I chilled for a bit more then headed back into town for a well deserved local beer!
    Next day, I got up a little later, but then headed out to another view point. I realised that when I got there, there was another peak to climb, so I did, it was steep! Especially with a bit of leg ache from the day before. I’m glad I did though as it was an awesome 360 view of the area, peaks and lakes! I was leaving later in the day, so I got myself down in quick time.
    Both days had millions of caterpillars on the trail, and I mean millions! I’d lobe to see the place in a week or so as there would be millions of butterflies. It was like a plague! Walking through the forest, it took me a while to figure out the the sound I could hear, which sounded like rain through trees, was in fact far caterpillars falling from the trees onto the floor. I really can’t explain how many there were, but maybe like looking at the stars on a really clear night. Caterpillars!! Everywhere!!!!
    I left at 6pm to go to El Cafaete
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  • Day262


    January 11 in Argentina ⋅ ☀️ 22 °C

    Two weeks later, and I’m leaving Mendoza! I need to detox I think. Lots of amazing red wine, steak and generally not doing too much...apart from eating, and there was a fair amount of walking too...and some swimming.
    I arrived thinking Mendoza would be a good place to hang out while my debit cards made their way from England. I was kinda right, but it took a lot long than expected!
    In a town famous for its wines, there’s a lot of wine to be drunk, and that’s what it does to you! The amazing thing about wines from northern Argentina is that they don’t have sulphides, so you don’t get any bad red wine hangover, so drink as much as you like and it doesn’t hurt! Well, your wallet and liver maybe.
    Anyway, so in my time here, I did a wine tour on a bike, which could have been more dangerous if we hadn’t found a stray puppy on the road. I did get the info on how to do the poncey tasting things, so now I can act like i know what I’m doing! I also went to a vineyard, small production, and had a banging lunch of fillet minion (yep that yellow cartoon thing) and had a proper tour of a boutique wine makers. Even met the owner and shook his hand!
    After three hostels, I finally found one which was sociable, which was great, but I ended up being a city guide to everyone as o knew the place, not a bad thing ☺️
    I did see the funniest bing of my trip here too. A plaza dog, basically steet dogs, with one eye, scoop up a pigeon and parade around our tour with it in his mouth. So funny. It was still alive until I told him to go away and eat it, which he did! Pest control! There were no pigeons inside the plaza!!
    I finally got my cards buffered off across the boarder to Santiago!
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  • Day247


    December 27, 2018 in Argentina ⋅ ⛅ 21 °C

    Salta for Christmas! We all managed to get into Argentina despite me having to get a new tourist visa in Chile. Spending one night a hostel, we had an air bnb booked for the three nights over Christmas. The Airbnb turned out to be right across the road from the hostel we were staying at. That was not planned, but worked out well!Read more

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