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  • Day37

    In Lourenza

    June 22, 2017 in Spain ⋅ ☀️ 21 °C

    This was a 28 km walk with two fairly steep ascents. We have left the ocean behind and are now walking in Galician countryside--very green, lots of little hamlets with stone buildings, cows and pigs everywhere.

    We left at 7 from our pension. I had had a coffee with my electric coil but the two guys had not. About 9 km into the walk we ran into two guys with a donkey. They were going to put in bean poles for their bean crop. Here's an interesting tidbit--a high percentage of these famous Asturian beans,fabas, are actually grown in Galicia. The guys told us that they take care of the crops, and at harvest the Asturian bean buyers come over to Galicia to buy their beans. Under EU regulations, all that the label has to show is where the product was bagged, Not where they were grown. So most "Asturian beans" are actually from Galicia.

    After our bean chat, these two told us there was a bar 400m off the camino near where we were standing, but nothing on camino for the next 15 km. So we reluctantly took this detour for a coffee and a bocadillo.

    There were quite a few people on the camino today. A bus load of Austrians who were picked up by a luxury bus, in addition to the smattering of people we've seen this past week.

    All day it was misty and foggy but no rain. We are in the municipal albergue in a room with 10 beds. It's an ear plug night.
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