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  • Day9

    In Arachova

    October 10, 2019 in Greece ⋅ ⛅ 20 °C

    I was not expecting today to be so easy and hassle-free. We had about a 20 minute flight to Athens, picked up the car and were on our way. Google maps offline worked perfectly and we made our way the 200 kms to the monastery of St. Luke (Ossios Loukas), a hermit. When he died in the 10th century, the monastery was built. It is in a gorgeous valley setting (the monks almost always picked beautiful spots to settle). Two churches in the monastic complex, which is still functioning, and the Byzantine moisaics from the 10th and 11th centuries were amazing. Can’t get enough of this ancient architecture! Either Joe is becoming more of a fan or he is just being more patient, because we both were happy to just sit at a lookout and soak in the architectural and natural beauty. No surprise that this is a UNESCO World Heritage site.

    We are in the mountain town of Arachova, overlooking the Delphi Valley. That’s where we’ll head tomorrow!
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