• Day51

    Europen Animals

    October 17, 2017 in Germany ⋅ ☀️ 22 °C

    Today we went to a wild life zoo. It was great. As we walked in we wanted to buy some animal feed so we did. We saw lots of cool new animals that I did no know of. We saw ibises, griffon, eagle owl, red deer, otters, brown bear, lynx, vultures, elk, wolves, sheep, goats, goose, pigs, horses, boors, beavers, rare, ibises, raccoons and ferrets, wildcats, deer and snow dogs. There was a lot. Now I have tired you out I'm going to talk about the animals. The eagle owl had a huge head and a giant wing span. The otters were shy and it took a long time for them to pop out of the little house. But they were cute. The bears were cool. They walked around pulling apples our of the water and were acting human like when one of them went for a dip to get the apple🍎 The lynx were so cute and they spotted everything. They tipped meat from the top of trees. The cultures swooped some people and me!! They were scary. There was bones everywhere. The elks are giant. At the Wolfs there were 30 in the pack of Europen Wolfs. They were so cute and I wanted one myself. The boors were so dirty. We did not get o see the beavers but there was a cool sign that said "DIE BEAVERS" witch is translated to "the beavers". The raccoons were my fave, the best. Theft were as cue as anything and you would want one. The wildcats were doing something so we did not get to see them but that was ok we saw the sleepy snow dogs.Read more