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  • Day34

    Staff Blog - Mr Spinner

    July 26 in Germany

    Years ago, a friend of mine (the super talented Northamptonshire based composer and multi instrumentalist Philip Bass) said to me, "The symphony orchestra is one of our greatest inventions".
    It certainly is, and this tour has seen two remarkable groups of people sing and play some very difficult music amazingly well.
    We've been faced with numerous challenges along the way - just one of them being the need to lift the harp up a lengthy staircase in the Archbishop's Palace. Recognising our need for help, a team of student volunteers immediately assembled to help lift our heavy and valuable harp so carefully, it was as if as if they had paid for it themselves.
    I jumped at the chance to be a part of this tour, and I'm so glad I did. The team spirit across the entire group of young people and teachers has made this tour an absolute pleasure. A huge thank you to all of the students and staff for all of the unforgettable musical moments from our amazing choir and symphony orchestra. The standing ovations at our concerts say it all.
    Bravo. Encore!

    Jon Spinner
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  • Day25


    June 28 in Germany

    Another loud American guy at breakfast (sorry, Sadie, I know not all Americans are loud, but there are a few!). He was big, heavy guy with a grey beard who was holding up the queue, eating as he was going. ‘Mmm… these bread rolls are so fresh and delicious, you must bake them on the premises.’ ‘Nein’ said the expressionless waitress, ‘I gets them from ze Lidl’.

    My train trip this morning from Cologne left from the main station in the shadow of the huge, gothic Cologne Cathedral. I remember making Mum and Dad climb to the very top of it. Not sure if even I could do it now. Pleased to see the station has still the same advert for 4711 Eau de Cologne which I first saw on a school trip in the 1960s. Had a lovely train journey down the Rhine valley passing castles and pleasure boats, the Lorelei Rock and charming riverside towns. On the way I thought I’d read some guest reviews of my next hotel. One said: ‘The staff are so friendly. I had an unexpected early visit from Aunt Flo, and the staff gave me some free sanitary products.’ Now, I didn’t know who Aunt Flo was, but I do now, and all I can say is ‘TOO MUCH INFORMATION!’

    Before I knew it, I had arrived at today’s destination - Heidelberg. I remember Sadie and Christine were here. It was just like The Student Prince with students drink, drink, drinking beer - only Kathy was missing. Did a 2 hour walking tour of the Old Town as suggested in my guide, which was hard going in the sweltering heat. Took the funicular railway up to the top of the mountain and visited the castle on the way back. The guide suggested another walk on the opposite bank of the River Neckar - the Philosopher’s Way - where lecturers used to walk up and down. It was so steep it nearly killed me, but you did get a good view over to the castle. Tonight I attended a classical concert in the lovely Stadthalle. No less than 90 musicians in the philharmonic orchestra - what a fabulous sound, and not bad for 20 Euros for the front circle.

    Well the carousing in the town has gone strangely quiet tonight now that Germany has been put out of the World Cup. Anyway, after all that walking I’m sure I’ll sleep tonight…zzzz...
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  • Day44


    July 31, 2017 in Germany

    It's just over 40 year since I was last in Heidelberg and it's still just as beautiful! We're now driving for about a month. Arrived mid morning. Took a boat trip down the Neckar River- had to negotiate 2 lochs on the way. A little rainy but so green and just wonderful. Back in the town again we took the funicular up to the castle. Huge castle, much of it in ruins now but the view down onto Heidelberg is spectacular. At night the castle is lit up. Loved Heidelberg !Read more

  • Day14


    September 3, 2016 in Germany

    One of the things I have enjoyed a lot so far are the flowers everywhere. Lots of houses have flower boxes with colourful hanging flowers, beautiful gardens, flowers on most drinking fountains and gardens on the sidewalk....
    These are just some of my pics from places to date

  • Day15

    Bad Säckingen (Toi toi toi)

    September 4, 2016 in Germany

    So again all six hit the road, we headed down the Rhine with first stop in Bad Säckingen which has a lovely covered bridge and a cool church which we popped inside and had a look-see before the service started.
    It was near perfect timing because the bells started ringing about 15mins before service started (and just kept going). As we were leaving many people started flooding in to the square and to the church.
    A lovely old lady (dressed in Sunday best with a hat) said to me "Toi toi toi" which is good luck (for our journey).
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  • Day107

    Bad Wilbad Thermal Baths

    October 11, 2016 in Germany

    Vicky still had a few things on her 'list of things to do in Germany' and one was to visit the Thermal Baths at Bad Wilbad. The van was too high to park in the baths' multistorey carpark so we left the van at a campervan parking place about a mile away and headed in through the park. The walk was beautiful with the autumnal trees and a rapidly flowing peaty river that had cut a steep gorge through the valley.

    Palais Thermal contained some of the oldest thermal baths in Europe. The red sandstone building, whilst attractive, didn't draw undue attention when looking at it from the outside. However, the inside was stunning. Mosaic tiled floors led the way through arched doorways into high roofed chambers containing different baths. There were smaller ones for up to about 4 people, medium and larger ones about the size of a learner pool at a leisure centre. Beautiful mosaic wall tiles lined the lower sections of wall, stone pillars rose up from the water, inset arches framed wall paintings and gorgeous stained glass windows whose colours sometines shone on the opposite walls. In the larger baths white stone statues featured in the centre and you could lie back in the warm water and study the stained glass ceilings.

    We were glad to be visiting when we did as there were very few people there and at one point we were the only ones in the main pool with the statue of Venus at its centre.

    The original building had been added to and the complex had a further 2 floors of saunas, plunge pools, showers, swimming pools and an ice machine for you to cool yourself down. On the 2nd floor, you could sit in a sauna or swim in the outdoor pool and have views over Bad Wilbad and the funicular railway trams making their way slowly up and down the autumnal hill opposite.

    This isn't normally the sort of thing we are drawn to do but one of the aims of our travels is to experience things we wouldn't have otherwise and at €21.50 each for 4 hours it was accessible and something we won't forget. We even got into spirit of indulgence and had had a glass of prosecco whilst lying back on wicker loungers in the opulent 'Moorish Hall' lit by around 100 square metres of stained glass ceiling.

    We stayed the night about 70km away in Nurtingen.

    (The photos of inside the baths are from leaflets and a poster).
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  • Day105

    Black Forest ridge above Hofsgrund

    October 9, 2016 in Germany

    The morning's rain and dark sky were unpromising but they were to bring an unexpected surprise! The terrain became wilder and as we climbed above 1000m the rain turned to sleet, then snow! Proper big snowflakes! It was 'Narniaesque' with dark towering trees becoming coated. At some points we were surrounded by Christmas trees sugared with white snow. Vicky was driving and was so excited she had to pull over and get out to dance!

    We repeatedly passed a distinct snow line as the changing altitude caused the temperature to rise and fall. The town of Freiberg had rain rather than snow when we went in search of some more Black Forest Gateau. The old town area was beautiful, with the forest rising up behind a square that contained a red sandstone church and rococo architecture. The gateau was more artisan than yesterday's, with a different sort of spirit flavouring the cherries. It went down all too quickly and we drove on to find a place to stop for the night.

    There had been lots of parking along the forest routes and we got the impression the area would have been packed had we visited in summer. After driving farther than we'd planned, to investigate a string of laybys we'd seen on the sat nav, we doubled back to one on a ridge at 1174m above sea level with an incredible view.

    The joy on people's faces as they pulled up and looked around them wasn't something that we'd seen evidence of in city centres, no matter how beautiful the rococo architecture!

    We were able to walk 50m to the other side of the ridge to watch the sun set then get up early the next morning to watch the sun rise from the van while we listened to Melanie's 'Baby Day'! As an extra treat the temperature dropped to 0°C overnight and the snow stayed to reflect the early amber rays and crackle underfoot when we got out.
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  • Day107

    Nurtingen and the van service

    October 11, 2016 in Germany

    Nurtingen is a handy stopover 15 minutes away from the garage. It costs €5 a night but we used a voucher giving us 2 nights for the price of 1.

    For about a month now there has been roadside pumpkin stalls with honesty boxes. We've been meaning to buy one to make soup but many have been difficult to stop at for the van so we were happy to find one that was easy to pull in at along the way!

    Will had booked the van service via email and one of the receptionists spoke good English which made things a lot easier. We'd been asked to get the van there by 8am and be prepared to leave it until 5pm. They'd offered us a hire car at a good rate but unfortunately they didn't allow dogs so that was a no no. However, we were able to stay in the van until they took it in at 9:30am, then took Poppy and her rug into the comfortable waiting area where she made herself at home. The service was completed and the van taken on a test drive by noon. There was a hefty bill but we did get:
    a) Peace of mind that the engine would be in the best condition for tackling the Austrian Alps
    b) A 'free' tin of sausage! (Don't ask whether this is the German equivalent of mints because we are still trying to work it out!)

    We chilled out at Nurtingen for the rest of the day with Vicky giving the van a good clean and Will taking a saunter in to the town.
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  • Day106

    Layby near Heselbach

    October 10, 2016 in Germany

    Driving south off the ridge we saw yet more stunning sights as the sun reached previously shaded forest and caused the snow and water to evaporate in whisps. There were glassy lakes reflecting trees that rose up the hillsides at their shores.

    Our philosophy with our old van had been to wait until something went wrong then either sort it ourselves or get a garage to fix it. Given the importance of the new van to our everyday lives, we want to keep it well maintained and had managed to book a service at a good garage we'd used a few years back near Stuttgart. After reaching the lake at Titisee we turned and headed back up north towards in order to get to the garage on Wednesday.

    There weren't a lot of laybys on the route and it was getting late so we made do with one that had only a small strip of grass separating it from the road. Unfortunately it was one of those laybys that is littered with cardboard coffee cups and mess from when people haven't been able to find a toilet. Not the nicest of places but it was only for one night.
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  • Day109

    Tübingen & Balingen

    October 13, 2016 in Germany

    The last German town on Vicky's list to visit was Tübingen. It is a university town on the little river Neckar and she wanted to visit in order to try the local specialty of Maultaschen (oversized ravioli).

    Unsure of where to park, we drove towards the centre with our fingers crossed. Luckily there was a large free car park a few km out of town. The only problem was that town was on the other side of a very large ridge and neither pedestrians nor bikes were allowed through the road tunnel. However, being Germany, there was a separate tunnel for walking and cycling with an electronic counter keeping track of how many people passed through.

    We soon found a cafe serving Maultaschen and had an enjoyable lunch. Will had the version with onions and Vicky with egg. We've spent 13 weeks in Germany on this trip and have frequently been struck by how long it takes for waiters to bring the bill. It was only today we realised the waiter asked 'Do you want to take it easy?', as people finished their meals. We may well have been asked this before and mistakenly answered 'yes', thinking they were asking if that was everything. There is still so much for us to learn in Germany and we feel very lucky to have been able to immerse ourselves in the culture and language to the extent we have.

    Tübingen turned out to be a great town, with more 'hippy' shops than we'd seen in all of the rest of Germany. The old timbered buildings with wooden window shutters gave the place real character and we had to drag ourselves away in order to get to our stopover in Balingen where Will carved the pumpkin and we had a nice warming soup.

    Staying 2 nights in Balingen we had time to explore as well as to relax, play guitar and paint. The feature that stood out about this town was the young people's art. Children had made large lanterns that hung around lights strung across the streets. Painted tiles were affixed to walls here and there and the electricity boxes featured an eclectic range of designs. There was also hardly any grafitti. We saw that young people had been included and valued, encouraged to take pride in their town and put their stamp on it in a positive way. Perhaps they didn't feel such a need to make their mark through antisocial behaviour.
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