• Day123

    Papua New Guinea

    February 9, 2020 in Papua New Guinea ⋅ 🌧 28 °C

    HASHING IN PAPUA NEW GUINEA - We were focused on the Monday evening Port Moresby H3 trail, but once we arrived we noticed there was a Port Moresby Full Moon H3 trail scheduled for Saturday evening. So we walked about 4 KMs to the outskirts of town and joined in the fun. Now being a night time trail, and the safety of the streets after dark, I did not expect it was going to be a long trail. A pack of about 20 had a short ceremonial trail around the gated community, and back to the house. Awesome family hash, with the kids back in the living room, the circle was allowed a bit more bawdy banter. Good songs, good jokes, and good down downs. The track below was our hike today in Varirata National Park, which would be an excellent hash trail. Was raining on the drive out, and for the first hour or so of the hike. Then it cleared off just as we arrived at the two main lookouts. Amazing scenes of green mountains and countryside. Well worth the effort. Tomorrow we'll head out to the weekly POM H3, and get a bit more active trail in, and more good time with the pack. more


    I installed satellite networks to support telephone service in PNG. Enjoy your time and be careful. On on Vegetative State