• Day94

    Meeting an elephant family

    November 30, 2018 in Thailand ⋅ ☀️ 21 °C

    Today, we took a bus to meet an elephant family and their owners. We were a small group - just us and two couples from Canada and the UK. First we fed the elephants bananas and long stalks of grass. There were Four adults and one baby named mini and a teenager named Bella.Then we went on a hike with the elephants and one almost brought a whole tree down. When we got back we had lunch of rice, passion fruit juice and delicious curry (for my parents.. I ate peanut butter sandwiches). Then we covered two elephants in mud (their shampoo) and brought them to a stream for a bath. We got really wet, splashing the elephants and each other. It was really fun! The elephants pick up sand with their trunks to keep mosquitos away, to dry off, and for “sunscreen”. Before we visited the elephants, daddy and I did some research and we learned a bunch of facts - their poo is used for lots of practical things, like making paper, and they have over 100 000 muscles in their trunk. I could see that they use their trunk for breathing, drinking, smelling, trumpeting, showering, balance walking up hills, a snorkel for swimming, grabbing food, and throwing sand. It is amazing! Then we gave them another snack and said goodbye. I slept on the long bus ride home. - DaleRead more