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  • Day25

    Germany / For Erica

    August 11, 2017 in Germany ⋅ 🌙 13 °C

    11th August 2017
    Hi kid. I've attached some interior photos of the boat. Quiet nice but after being on a big cruise boat this is really different. Mostly old people on this boat...lot older. Sometime feels like a rest home where everyone looks forward to meal times. We have done all the outings so far. Bed is smaller then the hotels but comfy. They clean our room twice a day. Staff are friendly and professional.
    Must admit the food is superb and presentation is fancy. We got invited to the Chef's table last night (similar to captains table). Got served 7 course dinner.....amazing flavours. We are blossoming.
    Tomorrow we have to change ships. Apparently because of the river levels we can't proceed in this boat to Amsterdam. We are changing to the sister ship Ama Venita which is exactly the same as this boat Ama Reina.
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    Kathy Kiss-Cole

    I think I'll stick to the big cruise boats

    Lou karen Kiss

    It looks comfy

    Erica McGrath

    Thanks Liz, I am happy now. I think my Avalon ship was smaller but just as nice. also much younger crowd on our cruise. Lucky there are 4 of you