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  • Day579


    November 15, 2018 in Greece ⋅ ⛅ 15 °C

    We have had a a few easy days in the Gulf of Corinth visiting some towns, harbours and anchorages where we were the only boat and where it sometimes felt like we were the only people!
    Our first stop was the Kala Islands we anchored off Nisos Zoodochos Pigi and visited the deserted monastery but the wind picked up so we headed to Mavrolimnis for the night, photo 2. The harbour is built on a natural sand/rock bar the breakwater pier was about 250m long but at its widest the harbour was only 50m wide and backed to the shallow cliff face there was only a warden and a club house. We noticed on our way there that the next town south west was the end of the road as there had been a major mud slide that had covered the other road out. The following day we headed north west and anchored off Sarandi. We found a cafe owner who spoke English,he said that in winter there were only about 50 people but in the summer around 3,000 they came from the big towns nearby including Athens. He was a qualified Agrochemist studying organopesticide buildup in olives but job was 2 months on and 2 or more off. The taverna where we ate had an English menu but the owner spoke no English, we ended up with far too much food but it was all good as the local cats helped us finish everything.
    Last night we anchored off the Kelali peninsula just to the south of Andraklin in a bay called Ormos Isidoros.
    We are now here in Itea to visit Delphi, or as John would say another pile of stones, albeit a famous pile. When we arrived there two small cruise ships here but now we are only visiting boat again.
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