• Day29

    Damp but underway in Meganissi

    April 22, 2019 in Greece ⋅ ⛅ 15 °C

    We got the fuel in Preveza it was 35c a litre cheaper than at Lefkas Marina, then next day after buying some olive oil, olives and honey from the back of a scooter we headed back south to the turning bridge on the Lefkas Canal. We also bought a Minions rug for the wheelhouse floor.
    We were a bit early at the bridge so while waiting we had a tea but.... the water stopped..... John decided to check the pump. Arghh all the water 💦 from the fresh water tanks, about 700litres because we had filled up at the boat yard, was now in the bilges!!
    The water had just reached the bottom of the prop shaft, bilge pump on, and level dropping rapidly. By the time we had got through the bridge and to the anchorage just off the town quay the bilges were empty and John had identified the cause of the problem. We had very kindly been given a giant round buoy and we had deflated it and stowed it in the engine room by the water pump, without realising John had knocked one the pipes and then as we were coming across to the bridge the rock and roll of the sea had dislodged it completely. We know it was OK when we left Preveza as John had checked the engine room as he does before each voyage. He has decided to double jubilee clip the pipe now.
    So first job was to empty all the gear out of the bilges to dry it all out and see what could be saved and what had to be trashed We were lucky a lot of the gear was no worse off for a dunking, but we had to throw all the cardboard boxes 📦 stuff was in, we also disposed of some things that had been left by previous owner that were parts and spares for things that John had replaced.
    We were half way through the job when Nick and Gemma called us over for a drink, and we discovered that it was Gemma’s birthday 🎂 and that they had got engaged that morning, Ziggy was ring bearer. So we had a Buck’s Fizz to celebrate 🎉.
    Next morning we refilled the fresh water tanks, we had to pay this time, and then headed south to Meganissi where we anchored in Abelike bay. Lovely walks around the headlands on Meganissi with some great views.
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