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  • Day9

    Paul Anka meets The Who

    May 16, 2017 in Iceland ⋅ ☀️ 10 °C

    Today was a driving day from Hofsos to Borganes. We covered a lot of ground and can report that the N1 station in Varmahlid sucks while the one in Blonduos is very clean and efficient.

    Yup, that is about as good as the day got on the road. As the attached pics will demonstrate, we are caught somewhere between Paul Anka's "I'm Just a Lonely Boy" and The Who's "I Can See for Miles". Travelling through Iceland at this time is pretty good as many of the expected 2 million tourists are not here yet. In addition, we are travelling the country counter clockwise while the many tour busses we saw today were heading clockwise. Not only are we salmon swimming up stream, most of the water scenery to see is on your right....Cath has a front row seat to it all without me blocking her view.

    Ah, it's a tough life but we are happy to try and do it. We shudder to think what the traffic is like in late June thru September.

    We get to Borganes mid-afternoon.....find an information centre, a Bonus and a Nordic Clothing store. We are reminded that despite the high prices, we are entitled to a VAT reimbursement on larger purchases when we leave the country. The VAT totals approximately 20% so we may yet return to the Nordic Store.

    We book accommodation and head out to find it. Catherine says I should devote a separate blog to our hotel so that we can add 6 pics of it. I will conclude by saying today has been the best day weather high as 14C. Perfect driving day.

    Photos.....morning in Hofsos ,Cath at Hofsos Guesthouse,"cat's arch bridge", empty highway, golf course outside Borganes
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