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    Food and beverages in Malaysia

    April 21, 2017 in Malaysia ⋅ ⛅ 30 °C

    Speak to any Malaysian who is abroad and ask them, what is that one thing they miss the most about Malaysia? A clear answer to this question will be food. Food is what bonds people from different ethnic groups here. The colors, the spices, the aroma is what makes the food a relishing experience.

    Traveling in and around Malaysia is quite convenient since it has some major bus terminals and express buses are the preferred mode of transport here. Tickets for which can be booked online from

    Milo King Kong
    Not Man of Steel but a stomach of steel is what you need to relish this out of the world drink with two scoops of ice cream, chocolate, whipped cream, strawberry and optional sauce as an icing on the cake. If you have a good appetite, this drink is just right for you. Beat the heat with Milo King Kong!!

    Popia Basah
    Fairly popular as a quick snack Popia Basah is generally had in between meals. The dish with its crunchiness is sure to win your heart and your stomach too!! Made from a combination of spring roll and fried onions, it is a completely oil free dish.

    Portions of meat chicken, beef or lamb steeped with an assortment of native seasonings, impaled and slightly grilled to flawlessness is Satay. You can have it solo, or dip it into either peppery sauce or sambal or usually even both for an extra buzz. However way you choose to enjoy it, the lusciousness of the delicious meat will have you appealing for more.

    Nasi Dagang
    Light on the pockets and generally eaten for breakfast, Nasi Dagang is made by steaming rice in coconut milk and fish curry. It is served with fried anchovies, spicy sauce and slices of cucumber, fried groundnuts and boiled eggs. This dish is famous among the people living in Eastern part of Malaysia. Be sure to try this dish for breakfast when in Malaysia along with your choice of add on.

    Nasi Kandar
    One more rice dish, Nasi Kandar is steamed rice with several Malay-Indian dishes The Malaysians just love rice, don’t they? The best part of the dish happens to be at the end of the preparation of this dish wherein several curries are added, completely flooding the rice. Originated from Penang, this dish is a must try when in Malaysia.
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