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  • Day47

    Swiss Alps

    July 3, 2016 in Switzerland ⋅ ☁️ 11 °C

    On our drive to our campsite in Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland, we stopped in Lucerne (my favourite milk company in Canada!). A visited The Lion Monument, which is dedicated to the thousands of Swiss mercenaries that were killed during the French Revolution, and a famous wooden bridge, although I don't recall why it was so famous...

    Our campsite was nestled in a valley at the foot of some of the Swiss Alps... Wow, what a sight to wake up to! We took the train to the highest train station in Europe to the peak of Jungfrau Mountain - The Top of Europe Station is 3,454 metres (11,333 feet for the Imperial crowd) high! The actual peak of the mountain is 4,158 metres (13,642 feet) high.

    The views are amazing and we spent the day exploring the various viewpoints and the Ice Palace, as well as a few snow sport activities (tubing and some sort of odd seated skiing). Great times!

    As the afternoon went on, I started to get a headache, seemingly from the altitude and ended up getting quite sick that night. Back to 100% the next morning though!
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