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  • Day22

    Christmas Day - Part 2

    December 25, 2017 in Nepal ⋅ ⛅ 1 °C

    Today I had arranged a half day jungle trek. Current law states that I had to be with two guides so that was arranged.

    I met my guides and he gave me three rules:
    1) If we see rhino and it charges, run in a zig zag formation.
    2) If we see a sloth charging we all need to create noise to scare it
    3) If we see a tiger, make sure you run faster than it

    Needless to say this filled me with confidence (not)

    After crossing the river in a dugout boat we started the tour, we saw the occasional elephant and rhino but very far away and a few hours passed. We were near the end and spotted a rhino really close, then all of a sudden a baby rhino with it. Was great to see these in the wild but then we realised that mother rhinos can charge!
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