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  • Day27

    Arrived at Pokhara

    December 30, 2017 in Nepal

    Well, I've arrived after a long horrible bus journey to Pokhara. It is the biggest city (after Kathmandu) and I must say its very different but in a good way.

    It's clean, vibrant, fresh and full of life. I planned my visit here to coincide with new years as they have a street festival where the main streets are closed to traffic and many stalls are set up selling gifts and food. Bring on the MoMo's!!!

    I love the location of Pokhara, set on the side of the huge Phewa Lake I decided to take a boat tour on the lake to catch some sights. The scenery was simply amazing with the Annapurna mountains in the background and 100's of paragliders floating down from up above - I think I might have a go at that!

    Later that evening, I loaded up the couch surfing app to find there is a newbies meeting close to meet so I thought I'd take a look. Met some new people, had dinner and then it all went a bit surreal. 4 travelers turned up dressed exactly as you would expect a traveler too and they bought with them musical instruments, a guitar, a triangle, a harmonica and a didgeridoo, yup a didgeridoo. At the end of the night it was those 4 signing Hare Krishna songs until I was ready to leave - it was OK but not what I was expecting.
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